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Virtual Prenatal Yoga

By The New Mummy Company Inc


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Why this makes a great gift

There are many advantages to Prenatal Yoga. Anatomically, the body is preparing for a journey that is new (if this is your first baby) or reminding itself of the beautiful experience it has been through previously. Stretching the body, molding all your joints into slow, relaxed and comfortable positions to connect with your mind, body and soul are just one of the many wonderful benefits for you and your baby. Research shows practicing yoga during pregnancy can help improve sleep, increase strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, reduces stress and anxiety as well as decrease lower back pain and nausea.

Product Description

Participating in prenatal yoga will assist the mind and body during pregnancy. Experience modified whole body stretching, muscle strengthening through gentle flow, and breath-work to support relaxation through pregnancy and labor.

Yoga has many benefits to the prenatal body; as well as making Mom feel awesome you will learn tools for labor and birth and the postpartum period, and increase mobility in the pelvic floor to assist during birth, and learn breathing techniques to help repair pelvic health postpartum.

Prenatal Yoga creates a sense of calm, relieves stress, and provides an opportunity to connect with your body and your baby through movement and breath. Studies have proven that integrated approach to yoga – postures, breathing and meditation combined – can improve birth outcomes such as higher birth weight, lower risk of pre-eclampsia, and reduced blood pressure.

In the second trimester, energy typically increases and we use prenatal yoga help to safely work into the areas of stiffness in the body, as your body grows and changes and natural movement patterns become restricted. We work on opening the hips, stretching the side body, improving core strength safely without using the intra-abdominals, strengthening the thighs and legs to improve balance, relieving tension on the pelvic floor, and focusing on the breath to encourage healthy movement of the pelvic floor.

Location & Duration
Prenatal Yoga with Nazia runs every Tuesday @ 7:30 pm on Zoom - Eastern Standard Time


6 1-Hour Classes

Who Will Guide You
Nazia has continually been involved in various fitness operations from group fitness to personal training. With over 15 years of teaching a multitude of streams for the community. She is a member of the development Program creating Pre-choreography for the YMCA of GTA and a Y Leadership Trainer in Spinning, Yoga, Barre, and Strength Training. Nazia is passionate about inspiring and motivating individuals to find their connection to personal strength, self-acceptance, and love.

Nazia is always continuing her education within the Yoga, Health, and Wellness industries. She continues to explore and deepen her understanding of teaching modalities and looks forward to sharing her energy with the members at NMCO.

Additional Class Information
This class is available on selected dates and can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a computer and wifi!

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