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The World - Tarot Reading Experience

By The Tarotologist


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Why this makes a great gift

The World offers you an in-depth experience of epiphany, introspection and clinical counsel. This is a great gift for the person in your life who is on a healing journey, seeking clarity and direction on their path or connecting with their spirituality. A Tarot Reading promotes self-awareness and intuition to support you on your path to increased wellness and vitality. It brings subconscious themes to the surface for reflection and reorganization, to clarify the next steps in your healing work.

Product Description


This experience takes place live online


60 Minutes


60 minute live Tarot Reading with The Tarotologist, a 2-page PDF written summary of messages and guidance from your reading + an additional 20-minute video detailing Psycho-Spiritual strategies like rituals, visualization techniques and therapeutic principles to support your work with the guidance from your reading

What You Will Do

Touch base with your subconscious desires, concerns and ambitions to bring clarity and offer guidance to your current situation. Hilary will use the tarot cards as a healing modality and a framework to guide each counselling session.

Who Will Guide You

Hilary has over nine years of experience reading tarot cards and six years of experience providing mental health and addictions support services. Her work as a Counsellor has developed her specialization in navigating recovery through trauma-informed and anti-oppression frameworks.

Redemption Details

Redemption Instructions

Email the Tarotologist your redemption code and choose if you would like to consult the cards on: Love, Family, Career, Health or Life Purpose.

Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping Policy:

Our experiences ship digitally via email.

Return Policy:

Unfortunately, there are no refunds or cancellations on our experiences.

The Tarotologist employs a strengths-based counselling approach to tarot reading focused on client empowerment and will not provide predictive guarantees. The Tarotologist does not assume responsibility for any querent's personal actions following reception of this service.

Additional Details


You choose one area of focus for your Tarot Reading - Love, Career, Life Purpose, Health, or Family. Alternatively, you may ask a question that addresses a specific situation or challenge you are facing


The themes that arise in your reading will direct the psycho-spiritual counsel provided in your follow-up video, detailing strategies developed from a framework integrating aspects of trauma-informed, strengths-based clinical counselling, principles of dialectical behavioural therapy, and spiritual tenets foundational to a holistic integration of mind, body, heart and spirit

Language Provided


The Tarotologist

A tarot reading is an opportunity to touch base with your subconscious desires, concerns and ambitions to bring clarity and offer guidance to your current situation. The Tarotologist uses tarot cards as a healing modality and introspective medium. Tarot is a useful tool to help combat issues that reside at the root of most of our human afflictions: self-worth and insecure attachment.