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Dry Skin Body Care Gift Set

By Sade Baron


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Why this makes a great gift

Moisturize and rejuvenation at its finest! With clean, vegan superfood powered products, this is gift is the perfect for the self-care and skin-care lover. Sit back, relax and soak in the natural goodness of Sade Baron's premium products while resting your mind too. Pairs well with a night of wine, tea, treats and your favourite movies!

Product Description

The essentials kit features everything you need to feed your skin with superfats to relieve itchy, flaky, tight and dry skin throughout. Start with these selected products to give your skin life and nutrient-rich vitamins and superfoods.

This gift includes

Volcano Body Cleanser
A great skin tonic, this light, moisturizing face, and body wash works on blemishes and leaves your skin feeling fresh as a daisy.

Vera Body Cream
A light, citrus scent reminiscent of candied orange is the first thing you’ll notice in this deeply hydrating body cream. Next, infusions of vitamin E will improve even your roughest areas like elbows and feet.

Moi Beauty Balm
This multi-purpose balm has a delicate, sweet smell and prevents roughness while replenishing moisture. The nourishing formula contains superfats apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, and vitamins A, C, and E to protect skin and improve its texture.

PW Sponge
Lather up with this luxurious natural prime sea wool sponge, sourced from the Mediterranean Sea and hand processed. Deep cleanses, gently exfoliates and works for all skin types and the fine texture works to support healthy skin for everyone.

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