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Riesling Magnums - Heaven & Earth

By Trail Estate Winery


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Why this makes a great gift

Perfect for an evening with friends. Each pairs perfectly with charcuterie as an aperitif or with grilled white meats. And, in case you are wondering, they handle with ease so you can get a perfect pour!

Product Description

We threw caution to the wind with these Rieslings! Not only do we ferment them dry on their skins, extracting tannins and additional flavour, we then put them to two barrels to rest for a year. Upon tasting, we gradually noticed they were going divergent paths so we bottled each separately in large format bottles. Surely one of the only Rieslings to see both skin-fermentation and barrel-aging, its even more impressive in the oversize Magnum format! 2017 Heaven — Riesling fermented fully dry and on skins for 13 days. Aged in a neutral oak barrel (#006) for 11 months before bottling using gravity without any filtration or fining. A herbaceous nose of mint and basil gives way to bright acidity and loads of fresh citrus aromatics. 2017 Earth - Also fermented on skins for 13 days then aged in a neutral oak barrel (#007) for 11 months before bottling using gravity without any filtration or fining. This wine is lush and rich with hints of preserved lemon, orange marmalade and juicy acidity. Fully dry.

Technical Features

Cork closure with Gold and Silver Wax Seal. Each wine is left whole: unfined and unfiltered. Wild-fermented on their own/native yeasts.

Shipping and Return Policy

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We strive to produce stellar wine and ship them to you in a timely manner. From time to time we may hold back shipments for weather reasons — either too cold or too warm. In instances where bottles do not arrive as they should, simply contact customer service and we will send you a return waybill for its return in original packaging.

Trail Estate Winery

Trail Estate Winery is known for singular focus on site, varietal and winemaking acumen. Our process is ardently low-intervention and minimalist. We want wines to reflect where they come from and the year they are grown. As such, we leave much to Mother Nature, but (frosts and droughts aside) we wouldn't want it any other way. Our winemaker, Mackenzie Brisbois was named one of the "Top 5 Winemakers to Watch" by Toronto Life for her intuitive, immersive approach to winemaking. A native of Prince Edward County but she is a veteran of multiple harvests in New Zealand, South Africa and British Columbia. She employs wild-ferments whenever possible for their ability to build palate texture - whether it be a complex, soulful Unfiltered Chardonnay or knife-edge Skin- or Barrel-Fermented Riesling. We like to explore new (or newly rediscovered) paths in wine including skin-fermented whites, orange wine and Pét Nat natural sparkling. We do not filter and leave the wine whole and its most complex. Each wine tells the story of the site and vintage with unabashed honesty. Since our opening in 2014, we have seen the wine world change for the better: wine lists - and tastes have become more dynamic — driven by conviction and courage. We enjoy our part in that. We invite you to be part of our journey! Cheers!