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Rebel Toddlers Development Classes

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Little Rebels Music & Development classes use Broadway, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Motown tunes (rewritten for kids) combined with a couple of kids classics. Our goal with our music selection is to make sure we keep our grownups happy at the same time as our kids engaged. (There are only so many times we can sing Row Row Row Your Boat, am I right?). The price for our 8 week virtual classes is PER family! That's right!! Don't worry about paying more for siblings, the whole family can join in on the fun!! Our Instagram Live classes offer our families the freedom to tune in LIVE or watch the class LATER.

Product Description


Virtually via Instagram live video


Each class is 45 minutes long. Each class runs on the same day and time for 8 weeks.

Each Instagram Live class is saved for a minimum of 24 hours as an IGTV on your teachers feed so you can view the class LIVE or LATER; whatever is most convenient for you and your little one(s).

Also, if your teacher has more than one virtual class a week, you are able to tune into any of their other classes at no extra cost (this is not guaranteed for every teacher).


Recommended for toddlers aged 14-24 months, work with music to develop your little ones skills!

Together, work on walking, running, balancing on one foot, numbers, letters, colours, following instructions, and choosing between items/activities. At this stage of development, we use Where is the Green Sheep because we get to work on opposites, memory work, and it’s TONS of fun.

What You Will Do

Action songs to build balance and centre of gravity
Following rhythms and patterns
Tactile object work to improve hand/foot - eye coordination
Following instructions, reading, and story-time

Who Will Guide You

One of our many AMAZING teachers!

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Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. However, we do allow value of all items to be used towards the purchase of other programs that we offer.

Additional Details

Disclaimer:We are asking all of our new families to provide us with their child’s age, preferred days and times so we can match them with classes that work for their schedule and their kiddo’s age group.

Languages Offered:English

Why Instagram Live:We use Instagram Live because of the flexibility and accessibility it gives to all of our families. You can watch the class on any electronic device and even mirror it to your television screen. All of our Instagram Live classes are saved for a minimum of 24 hours as an IGTV on your teacher's feed so you can watch it for as many times as you'd like during the time it is saved. All of our families have raved about being able to watch it whenever they can or want. Also, depending on your teacher's schedules, you can tune into the other classes they may be running throughout the week at no extra cost.

Little Rebels

Little Rebels Music and Development isn’t your average music class. Little Rebels classes are carefully crafted and specifically designed baby music classes (for 2 month olds -12 month olds) and kids classes (for 13 month olds - 3 year olds) to encourage cognitive learning and muscle development through music and movement and are hosted in the comfort of your home! We believe that every single child learns differently which is why we use a number of techniques, approaches, and methods of teaching so that everyone can thrive in our classes. We believe that no matter how old our tiny humans are, they are capable of incredible things and we promise to do everything we can to assist them in their growth.