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Premium Craft Beer 3 Month Gift Subscription


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Why this makes a great gift

Craft Beer is about tradition, passion, and the pursuit of artisanal excellence. Giving the gift of Craft Beer is a way of telling someone that they are unique and cherished. Save the Craft Beer lover in your life time and effort by having it delivered directly to their doorstep.

Product Description

We've partnered with over 30 of Ontario's finest independent Ontario Craft Breweries to share the best, freshest, and most exclusive craft beers every month, Craft Beer is an art form in of itself and we hand-pick our curation to highlight the breweries that are pushing the envelope of what Craft Beer can be.


This is the gift that keeps on giving! Your special someone will enjoy a new selection every month, for three months! 


Our gift boxes feature the most exclusive in Ontario Craft Beer that isn't available in the LCBO, Beer Store, or grocery outlet. Each gift box contains; - 3L of Ontario Craft Beer (approximately 6 beers) - 1 piece of Small Batch Dispatch Glassware for an optimized tasting experience - Detailed tasting notes along with a craft beer tasting etiquette guide


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