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Play-at-Home Escape Game - The Brotherhood Trilogy

By Cluesolvers

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Why this makes a great gift

Have you already played Part I: Beginnings? Part II and III of The Brotherhood Trilogy have just been added! Select The Brotherhood Trilogy Bundle to get all three parts (and save) to play through the whole series. Each part is two hours of fun with friends or family - even if you are located in different places across the planet! These adventures combine the fun of an online scavenger hunt with the clue-solving challenge of an escape room, and the added excitement of a race against the clock! Play from anywhere, any day, any time! This adventure is challenging, but heaps of fun!

Product Description

A thrilling clue-solving adventure you can enjoy from the comfort of your home! The Brotherhood Trilogy of games is composed of Part I, Part II, and Part III. Once you've played Part I, move on to the next parts to complete the series! Or gift The Brotherhood Trilogy Bundle so your recipient can play through all three!

Part I - Your Challenge
Quiet bookshop owner ‘Bertie' Bellthorpe is one of your oldest and dearest friends. But earlier today you received a chilling letter suggesting Bertie has become involved in a sinister plot with global stakes! The question is simple - do YOU have what it takes to follow a trail of clues around the world to track down the mysterious Brotherhood, and save your friend’s life?

Part II - Your Challenge
The letter you received from your old friend Robert 'Bertie' Bellthorpe has seen you making a trip around the world pursued by a sinister organization whose intentions seem frightening. Now, following some shocking news, you are faced with big decisions. As your adventure continues, it is not just your ability to solve The Brotherhood's clues that is being tested, but the very choices you make along the way!

Part III - Your Challenge
When you received that letter from your old friend Robert 'Bertie' Bellthorpe you had no idea your life was about to spiral out of control. Two trips around the world being pursued by a sinister organization, as well as a series of shocks along the way, have left you drained and questioning everything you once believed in. Now, in the fastest paced, most critical part of your journey you must think carefully, as the fate of the world hangs on your big decision…

Difficulty rating: CHALLENGING


Select The Brotherhood Trilogy Bundle and play all three Parts to get to the end!

Location & Duration
Play At-Home, Online, Any Day, Any Time! Participation requires access to internet. With our REMOTE PLAY feature you can play with friends and family located anywhere in the world!

Each part of the Trilogy takes 2 hours on average. There are 16 clues with three optional breaks along the way.

Your recipient will receive all game instructions by email. Price is per team. We recommend teams of 2-8, but it is up to the participants. Purchase is good for one team of players on your selected part of the Play-at-Home Escape Game: The Brotherhood Trilogy. NEW: Select The Brotherhood Trilogy Bundle and save $10! Your recipient will receive game codes to play each Part in the Series.

What You Will Do
Participants will receive and answer clues in the Mystery Towns App. Use your computer or tablet to hunt online and find the answers. On some clues you will be directed to specific web pages, while on others you must use your own ingenuity as you explore mysterious places around the world. You and your team will need to work together to figure out how to interpret the riddles you receive, and watch out for a couple of twists along the way!

Who Will Guide You
Your own ingenuity, combined with the clues in our App! Mystery Towns/CLUESOLVERS create thrilling Play-at-Home Adventures with fun storylines and puzzles galore!

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