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Personal Destiny Mapping - A Virtual Experience

By Jamie Mayes


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Why this makes a great gift

Your destiny is written in the stars! This personal destiny mapping session is the answer to all their questions, providing them with clarity, direction, and support of the energy they were born to embody. This reading holds an emphasis on career paths, and pulls from Western astrology, human design, and the gene keys, to help them realize why they are here. The perfect gift for someone who is feeling a bit "stuck", wants a bit of direction, or just wants to get to know themselves a bit better.

Product Description

Your Personal Destiny Mapping is based on the Tropical (Western) Astrological system.

Your Personal Destiny Mapping session provides a sense of clarity, purpose, direction, support and confirmation of the energy you were born to embody. The reading holds an emphasis on your career path, and providing clarity for the direction you are here to move your energy in this life.

Personal Destiny Mapping pulls from Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys – we will focus on the exact pieces from these three systems to help you to remember why you are here! Personal Destiny Mapping is a streamlined way of understanding these three very complex systems.

Personal Destiny Mapping is for you if: (one or all of the following resonate)

  • You are not happy in your job
  • You lack confidence and motivation
  • Things in many areas of your life are not working
  • You are struggling financially
  • You find yourself stuck in toxic relationships
  • You notice emotional and mental instability

    Location & Duration
    This session takes place virtually and can be taken from anywhere!

    This experience is 2 hours in length

  • A 2 hour, virtual One-on-One session with Jamie to intuitively support you in understanding your Personal Destiny Map. Providing interpretation, insights and guidance for how to stay in alignment with your purpose and any other questions you might have.
  • Video recording of the session to keep.
  • Your Personal Destiny Map document with over 30+ pages of analysis into your charts and your Soul Blueprint. An invaluable resource to return to again and again.

    What You Will Do
    What is destiny mapping?
    Destiny Mapping uses the ancient wisdom of Astrology with the Modern Science of Human Design and Gene Keys to unlock the sacred code of your Soul’s Blueprint to remember why you are here!

    We dive deeply into uncovering the purpose for your life through translating your:
  • Astrological Chart
  • Human Design
  • Gene Keys Activation Sequence

    The reading holds an emphasis on your career path. Providing clarity for the direction you are here to move your energy in this life.

    PLEASE NOTE: There is lots of love and time that goes into preparing your session and map. It typically takes 3-5 days to prepare your map and then we can book your session from there based on availability.

    Who Will Guide You
    Jamie is an official Destiny Mapping Facilitator trained by Ahaumna AhMaYah who originally downloaded the template for integrating these three separate systems together. Personal Destiny Mapping sessions use the Tropical (Western) astrology system.

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