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Parent Coaching Program

By Cori Stern


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Why this makes a great gift

The Parenting Pack is an exclusive Parent Coaching Program that is every parent's solution to feeling overwhelmed, but not knowing where to start. Parents deserve to get through the day and feel accomplished without feeling like they've just run a marathon. The Parenting Pack provides parents with on-demand solutions at their fingertips so they don't have to search high and low online for hours when they should be spending their down time focusing on THEM! Inside The Parenting Pack parents will learn how to avoid a lot of the challenges that come with "ages and stages" of development. All of us parents deserve to feel on top of the world when it comes to raising our child because this is the most meaningful and important job we will ever do. Every parent needs a village full of unconditional support.

Product Description

Location & Duration
This program takes place virtually and can be taken from anywhere.

This service is available for 90 days.

All members will receive a custom log in to access The Parenting Pack Vault. Weekly live Coaching Calls take place virtually.

The Parenting Pack Includes

  • Access to The Parenting Pack Vault that is loaded with tons of done-for-you tools and templates that helps make parenting easier.
  • On demand access to a lot of quick tips that are bite size and easy to digest so parents can implement them right away
  • Unique ways for parents to connect with their child so they feel empowered by the relationship.


Who Will Guide You
The Parenting Pack is run by Cori Stern, Learning Specialist & Behaviour Consultant. Cori is a Mother of a 6 & 4 year old. After completing her Masters in Child Study & Education she merged her backgrounds in Positive Parenting, Education, Child Development, and Applied Behaviour Analysis to deliver a very unique perspective on child growth & development. She has over 15 years of clinical experience working with families doing Intensive Behaviour Intervention. Her current work focuses on coaching parents through the different ages and stages of development and so they can parent without the day to day stress and overwhelm! Cori coaches parents on managing power struggles, toilet training, all kinds of transitions, mealtime stress, healthy sleep hygiene and so much more. Consider her your Chief Executive Problem Solver- from the toddler years straight through the school age years

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