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Outdoor Clue-Solving Adventure - Canmore, AB

By Cluesolvers


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Sold and Shipped By: Cluesolvers - This gift is delivered instantly via email. Recipients receive redemption instructions in the email. Price is per team, from 2-4 people, per game. This game is located in Canmore, Alberta.

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Why this makes a great gift

So. Much. FUN! Part scavenger hunt, part escape room, part Amazing Race! Whether you have been here for 20 years or 20 minutes, you will see the town in a whole new way! An amazing 90-minute adventure, physically distanced for your safety, but giving you and your friends the chance to compete in a race to solve a trail of clues. Play any day, any time, in a team of your choosing - you don't need to schedule when! Get outdoors, stay socially engaged while physically distanced and get to know the downtown core of Canmore, Alberta better.

Product Description

Canmore: Around The World

Melody Coal, Canmore's world-famous mining historian and opera singer is off on her next world tour, but her agent is away on holiday and forgot to leave Melody with her tickets and itinerary. She knows that her airport shuttle leaves tonight and that clues to the countries she is visiting are hidden all around town, but she needs to find out where she is flying to first. Melody has asked you and your legendary team to find out where she is going. Unlock the adventure by finding clues around the streets and trails of Canmore's downtown core! Do you have what it takes to complete the mystery?

Difficulty Rating: TRICKY

Adventure is located in Canmore, Alberta.

90 minutes on average, plus optional breaks.

Your recipient will receive all game instructions by email. Price is per team. We recommend teams of 2-4, but it is up to the participant. Purchase is good for one team on Canmore: Around the World game.

What You Will Do
Participants will receive and answer clues in the Cluesolvers App. Follow the trail of clues as they lead you outdoors and around Canmore, Alberta's downtown core, finding hidden secrets along the way. Please adhere to government restrictions regarding travel, self-isolation and social distancing when playing this game. Once booked, the game will not expire. Players will need at least one or two fully charged smart phone/device per team.

Who Will Guide You?
Your own ingenuity, combined with the clues in our App!

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