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Niku Farms Introductory Gift Box

By NIKU Farms


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Why this makes a great gift

Supporting local farmers and incorporating high quality meats into your diet is the perfect gift idea for conscious consumers. NIKU Farms is an online farmers market that delivers ethically raised meat directly from local Ontario Farms. It makes a great gift for those who prefer to shop locally, supporting farms that raise animals with no antibiotics, no added hormones, and non GMO. NIKU Farms only works with farms who raise their animals on pasture and are grass fed. Everything is delivered in an insulated box with environmentally friendly packaging!

Product Description

NIKU Farms delivers packages directly from local Ontario farms right to your door, to give you the highest quality meat, while supporting local farmers. NIKU Farms connects you to local Ontario farmers who have a commitment to quality, ethical treatment of animals and humane farming practices. NIKU Farms only promotes farmers who let their animals roam freely on pasture, and who refuse to use hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. Our farmers raise their animals in ways that are both ethical and humane.

Included in this Gift
Each package is to be customized by our customers and includes ~15 servings. Prior to each delivery, you will have the opportunity to choose a specific farm to purchase from and build their own package based on their own meat preferences.


Each NIKU Farms package is delivered in an insulated box with biodegradable gel packs to keep the meat frozen. There is no need for the customer to be home upon delivery. The liners of the box are completely biodegradable, and the rest of the packaging if 100% curb-side recyclable. The meat comes all individually vacuum sealed, so it's easy to store away in freezer or fridge.

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