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LEVO II Oil Infuser



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Why this makes a great gift

Infusion is the process of using controlled heat to transfer flavor, scent, color, and nutrients from a variety of botanical ingredients into the oil or butter of your choice. For the cannabis infusion connoisseur, the LEVO II is the perfect gift. With this innovative gadget, your best bud can prepare herbs with ease and style. It’s perfect for the cannacurious looking to explore alternative ways to consume their favourite mix of herbs. The LEVO II’s purpose is not limited to cannabis, it can also be used for the creation of salves and soap to smoothie bowls and salad dressing!

Product Description

The streamlined LEVO infusion process you know and love, with an abundance of improved features and innovative new technology. Now you can prepare herbs with ease with our new Dry and Activate cycles, allowing you to unlock the full potency of your botanical ingredients before you infuse.

Connect wirelessly to the LEVO app to control your infusions on the go — plus access your history, use our Herb & Oil Calculator, share & discover recipes and more.

What's New
3 Settings, 1 Machine:
  • Dry and Activate herbs before you Infuse
  • Wifi connectivity makes it easy to set your infusions and monitor progress on the go from the LEVO app
  • Our new ceramic coated, slanted reservoir, designed to wick oil and butter out with ease
  • Power Pod included along with our reengineered silicone stirrer
  • Technical Features

    What is included?:
  • Silicone Stirrer
    Our gentle infusion method won't aerate your final product
  • Ceramic Coated Reservoir
    Infuse up to 19 oz at a time and dispense every drop with our new slanted reservoir (dishwasher safe!)
  • Power Pod
    Double the capacity to infuse more potent oils
  • Shipping and Return Policy

    Shipping Policy:

    We ship within Canada only. Please be advised that our products ship with tracking fees and will require proof of identification and age of majority upon delivery.

    Our flat rate shipping fees are as follows:
    Ontario - $15
    Manitoba and Quebec - $17
    New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan - $18
    Alberta and PEI - $19
    British Columbia and Newfoundland - $20
    Northwest Territoria, Nunavut and Yukon - $50

    Return Policy:

    Packages returned to Friendly Stranger incur return shipping fees from Canada Post. When orders are undeliverable due to an incomplete customer address or a failed Proof of Age request, we will issue a refund for your order total less the cost of shipping both ways. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and complete shipping information when placing your order.

    If a shipping error occurs on behalf of our shipping department, we will gladly correct the error and reship the package at our expense. Please ensure your shipping information is accurate before placing your order.

    Additional Details

    What are the benefits:
  • No solvents, additives, or emulsifiers required
  • Complete control over your ingredients & strength
  • Our steeping method doesn't aerate ingredients, increasing shelf life
  • Small batch (minimum of 5oz and maximum of 16oz per infusion)
  • An economical choice over pre-made products
  • Friendly Stranger Holdings Corp.

    Since 1994, Friendly Stranger has been a champion of cannabis devoted to activism, community and culture. For 25 years we’ve been on the front lines of the fight to end cannabis prohibition. Making hemp products available to the public, seeking justice for those unfairly prosecuted and shining a light on a subject cast in shadow. We aimed our relentless and passionate activism toward a change that has finally come. We are on a new mission to help normalize and break the stigmas associated to cannabis consumption. We want to connect Canadians through cannabis, to educate and inspire a community of togetherness, to befriend the world one stranger at a time. Mice Type if we can include somewhere: All Friendly Stranger products are purposefully curated to be sustainable, innovative and Canadian/NA made wherever possible.