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KonMari Tidying Consultation

By Modern & Minimalist

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Why this makes a great gift

Michele Delory is a Certified KonMari Consultant based in Toronto, Canada. Modern & Minimalist will work closely with you to create daily practices to keep your life organized, and accomplish a positive life change. Through your KonMari lessons, you will learn and implement practices for you and your ideal lifestyle. As Michele explains, "It doesn't mean to live with nothing, but to live with what sparks joy and has a purpose." Gift time with Michele to experience the magic and transformation that comes with completing the KonMari Method.

Product Description


Bookings can be serviced in the Toronto area: Downtown Toronto, Midtown, North York, East Toronto, Scarborough, West Toronto, York region and Etobicoke.


3 or 5 Hour Session

Included in Experience

Try the KonMari method created by international bestselling author, Marie Kondo!

In the KonMari Method, possessions are tidied by category. The KonMari categories are tackled in the following order: Clothing, Books, Papers, Komono (Miscellaneous items such as electronics, toiletries, linens), and Sentimental.

In this 3 or 5 hour session, recipients will work with KonMari Method certified consultant Michele Delory to create daily practices to keep their life organized and achieve a positive change in the first category, Clothing.

What You Will Do

The recipient will receive one-on-one support from Michele Delory to help you disconnect yourself from items that have outlived their purpose.

In the first lesson we will cover the following:

Support, guidance, and hands-on application of the KonMari Method through the first category of Clothing
Discussion of your ideal lifestyle and living environment
Organizing and home styling advice
Folding demo

Who Will Guide You

Michele Delory is the founder of Modern & Minimalist, and is a Certified KonMari Consultant, professional organizer and expert at living more simply with less.

Additional Information
KonMari Lessons are a minimum of three hours.

The first 3 or 5 hour session covers only the first category of Clothing.

Bookings outside of the GTA are subject to an additional travel fee determined at redemption.

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