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Sleep Support Session

By Sleeping Beauties


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Why this makes a great gift

Ask any new parent what the biggest struggle is in the first few years of a child's life, and they are likely to say sleep. There is so much information to sort through that it can be overwhelming to find an approach that best suits each unique family's parenting style. Sleeping Beauties works with each family to identify the root cause of sleep disturbances and address them, taking into account each child's temperament while developing a plan, without the use of sleep training. Sleep is a precious gift - a good night's sleep is only a click away.

Product Description


Virtual meeting/call



1 Hour



A one hour virtual session to address your child's specific sleep challenges


What You Will Do

This is geared toward families who have broad questions around ‘normal’ infant and child sleep, and who are already on track in supporting their child’s needs. If you are interested in discussing a strategy for handling specific predictable sleep challenges (such as travel related sleep changes, or how to handle the shift with daylight savings), or you have general questions around making changes to your child’s sleep schedule, this hourly consultation is right for you.

Hourly sleep support does not include an intake or any follow up notes, but we can cover absolutely anything you would like in that hour. For a more comprehensive plan of action, please see the infant sleep education (under 9 months of age) or comprehensive sleep coaching (over 9 months of age). This hourly support can be geared towards any age.


Age Recommendation

This package is right for you if your child is 9 months or older, including toddlers and school-aged children.


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