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Kids Intro to Coding Bootcamp

By Techy Kids


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Why this makes a great gift

Coding and programming has become massively more relevant for kids as confirmed by multiple Provincial Educational Ministries and has long been a staple in Private Schools. It's now being introduced into schools from a very young age with the intent of increasing student digital literacy. Yes, we understand that this is new for parents. Most parents can't teach or support it. Parents don't really understand it! That's where TechyKids fits in. We are a resource for parents that will introduce students to coding and programming and help you both understand the potential that this new skill can provide!

Product Description

Our 4 Week Coding Bootcamps
Our Coding Bootcamp are designed for parents and students that wish to take a bit of deeper dive into coding for beginners. We offer two separate courses based on student ages that are teacher led. Our Bootcamp covers the basics and gives students a taste of what coding is all about along with some actual results that they can share with friends and family! See specifics based on age group learning below!

Duration and Location

  • 4 sessions of 60 minutes
  • This course takes place virtually via Zoom

Details for Ages 10 and Under
Our beginners Coding Bootcamp will teach a unique coding language known as “blockly” which will introduce students to Javascript coding in a fun and interactive, drag-and-drop environment. They will learn how to solve puzzles, create games, create digital art and complete a variety of other fun challenges. We utilize the world renowned platform and work with students at a level that many would never reach on their own!

Week 1 - Students will practice their sequencing and debugging skills. Students will get to practice reading and editing code to fix puzzles with simple algorithms, loops and nested loops. Students will also practice using events to build a game that they can share online.

Week 2 - This lesson builds on the understanding of loops from previous lessons and gives students a chance to be truly creative. This activity doubles as a debugging exercise for extra problem-solving practice where students will create pieces of art. Students will also learn about the nested loop concept and how to utilize it.

Week 3 - Students will push their understanding of the loops concepts by expanding their understanding of "Repeat" loops to now include "While" and "Until loops". Students will also learn if statements, allowing them to write code that functions differently depending on the specific conditions the program encounters.

Week 4 - Students will practice while loops, until loops, and if / else statements. All of these blocks use conditionals. By practicing all three, students will learn to write complex and flexible code. Upon completion, students will use everything they have learned to create a unique dance party activity which can be shared with friends and family!

Details for Ages 11 and Older
This Bootcamp is an introduction to coding in a fun, accessible, and visual manner that teaches the basic fundamental concepts like commands and functions for beginners. We teach real text coding that will utilize digital puzzle solving and games to demonstrate proper coding methods.

Week 1 - Introduction: Students will learn the basics of javascript as well as simple commands and logical thinking practices. Students will also learn a brief history of computers.

Week 2 - Functions: Students will learn how to teach Karel new commands by combining existing commands and defining functions.

Week 3 - For Loops: Students will learn how to repeat commands with for loops which will allow them to complete seemingly long tasks, in merely a few lines of code.

Week 4 - If Statements: Students will learn how to test conditions of the Karel world and make decisions on whether to perform actions based on the results of those conditions.

Sessions Run for 4 weeks. Start Date Options:

Bootcamps start at the beginning of each month. A TechyKids support team member will connect with the recipient to finalize date selection after redemption.

Additional Details
Techykids is so certain that you will love what we offer your child that we are willing to have you attend without commitments and you can cancel your child's sessions at any time should you not be happy with what they are doing in class. Zero charge or penalties for doing so!

We require a minimum of 4 students per session, our virtual class capacity is 8 students.

We require participants to have access to a computer with high speed internet, microphone, and Google Chrome to participate in the class

Languages Offered

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