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Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness

By PureLee Jane

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Why this makes a great gift

Personalized yoga and meditation sessions are a gift for the mind, body and soul. Sessions can be performed privately in person within the participant's familiar surroundings at home. Is your recipient based in a remote location, travelling a lot or simply interested in inviting virtual learning into their lives? Personalized online video call sessions are a unique way to fit a meditation practice into a busy lifestyle. You can even gift this experience for two! Learning how to meditate will leave participants feeling rested, inspired and re-energized for life.

Product Description


This experience takes place online/virtually.


60 Minutes

Included in Experience

An hour-long guided mindfulness meditation session, perfect for anyone who wants to de-stress and feel more at ease.

Introduction to Meditation PDF Guide that outlines how to meditate, benefits, and three meditation exercises. 

Replay video of the live session for future viewing.

What You Will Do

This gift will be appreciated by those who are new to meditation and want to learn more. They’ll gain an overview of mindfulness and meditation, the benefits of both, and try different methods of meditation to leave them feeling calmer and more at peace.

Who Will Guide You

Jane Lee is an experienced and multi-certified yoga teacher, teaching for seven years while practicing yoga and meditation for over 17 years.

Additional Information
Guided meditation sessions are perfect for those who want to learn more about meditation and gain tools for a regular practice.

Health & Safety Information
Meditation is considered a safe activity with no adverse effects. However if there is a history of mental illness or untreated trauma, please consult with a health care provider before learning meditation.

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