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Infrared Sweat Session

By Dew Sweat House

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This is not your traditional sauna experience. Instead of sitting in a communal, cedar-lined room, you'll recline in a private, curtained-off space, wrapped in an infrared blanket with your own TV, Netflix, and noise-cancelling headphones. Or you can open the curtains between rooms and sweat as a team! Your body's core temperature will increase gradually over the course of 55 minutes but the air around you will not. This enables you to breathe fresh air throughout your treatment, stay in the heat longer, get sweatier, and reap greater benefits versus typical saunas.

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Dew Sweat House Location: 364 Richmond Street West, Suite 100, Toronto, ON, Canada
The closest major intersection is Richmond Street and Peter Street.


55 minute session


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Infrared Sweat Sessions are a unique and fun way to give the gift of self-care, something everyone needs yet people often neglect to give themselves. The health and wellness benefits of infrared heat are vast and include: deeper sleep, muscle relaxation, reduced anxiety, detoxification, increased metabolism, pain relief, improved circulation, exercise recovery, skin purification, cellulite reduction, and more. Plus, every sweat helps Dew Sweat House provide free sweat sessions to people who've recently gone through cancer treatment, so it's a gift that keeps on giving.

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Hydrate throughout the day before your session. Arrive 15 minutes early to your first appointment. Wear or change into your comfy long-sleeve sweat shirt and pants. Recline in one of our beds as we wrap you in our FAR Infrared blanket. Choose your relaxation - sound-cancelling headphones, music or Netflix! Relax, sip water, and SWEAT for 55 minutes! Cool off in our lounge with fresh fruit, and soothing music. Don't shower for at least 30 minutes to maximize your sweat benefits. Book your next sweat!

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Dew Sweat House

Dew Sweat House is Toronto's premiere infrared sauna boutique providing the ancient benefits of sweating in a modern way. The key is our infrared heated blankets which safely raise your core temperature without warming the air around you, promoting a deeper, more intense sweat. So you get all the benefits of an infrared sauna, without the sauna. And you'll give back! By sweating at Dew you'll help donate detoxifying sweat sessions to people who've recently gone through cancer treatment. Let's dew this.