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Great Outdoors Book Set

By Juniper Books


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Why this makes a great gift

This books set collects three of the best books about exploring and the outdoors and wraps them in a personalized carabiner - the perfect accent to any outdoorsman's shelves.

Product Description

This set is perfect for those with an adventurous mind and spirit. We curated this set from the best selections of Gestalten’s wide array of outdoorsy titles. From camping to hiking and everything in between, this set features some of the most beautiful outdoor photography in the world. Each set of three is brought together with colorful cord and a personalized hand-stamped carabiner. Customize your carabiners with your name or initials to make this the perfect gift for the adventurer in your life.

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Additional Details

    Set Includes:
    Wanderlust: Hiking on Legendary Trails, Wildside: The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers and Off the Road: Explorers, Vans, and Life Off the Beaten Track

Juniper Books

Founder and CEO, Thatcher Wine, Thatcher had always loved reading and collecting books, he began his journey sourcing one-of-a-kind and rare book collections for clients around the world. A few years later, Thatcher invented custom book jackets and Juniper Books' customers fully embraced this new concept. The creativity and our line of "Off-The-Shelf" book sets have proliferated since then. Today we work with thousands of customers in 50+ countries, helping them rediscover the power of print.