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Film Aura Photo And Reading

By Rose Aura


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Why this makes a great gift

If a picture is worth a thousand words, your aura photo tells a far longer tale. From moment to moment, your energy shifts revealing new truths about your past, present and future. Aura photography is a chance to pause, reflect, and decipher your chakras.

Product Description


Rose Aura's studio is located at Queen Street West and Strachan Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


15 minutes.


One film photo of your energy and explanation of the colours.

What You Will Do

Aura readings have been used throughout the ages as both a healing and learning practice. During the 1970s, aura photography became popularized thanks to the creation of the aura camera. Rose Aura proudly uses this highly-specialized camera to bring film aura readings to Toronto. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible portrait and reading of your aura based on a high understanding of energy, the chakra system, and crystal healing.

Who Will Guide You

Rose Aura was founded in by Evelyn Salvarinas. In addition to a Masters Degree in Art History, Evelyn also holds a Crystal Master Certification, and uses a deep knowledge of the chakras to provide a unique, informative and comfortable experience.

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Shipping and Return Policy

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Our experiences ship digitally via email.

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Additional Details

15 Minute Session Which Includes A Photo Of Your Energy, And Explaination Of The Colours

Rose Aura

Revealing Your Inner Spectrum through film Aura Photography located in Toronto. Founded in 2017 by Evelyn Salvarinas, Rose Aura proudly uses the film AuraCam6000 to offer portrait readings for all those who seek mystical guidance.