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Fearless and Feeling Free

By Greg Klym Coaching


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Living with fear can be paralyzing. It makes us tense and stressed. Worried and withdrawn. It holds us back from living fully and feeling joy. This coaching package with Greg Klym is offering you an opportunity to start creating a whole new way of being in this world. Liberated and free from fear. Greg knows this journey very well as he’s navigated through his own fears and has conquered them. You have an experienced guide to help you to walk this adventurous and courageous path.

Product Description


Coaching sessions may be scheduled by the recipient to be utilized in person (Moksha Yoga Burlington, Moksha Yoga Etobicoke or Moksha Yoga Milton), by phone, or online.


Two One Hour Sessions


Two One Hour Sessions

What You Will Do

What are your fears? Heights? Public speaking? Being rejected? Oh how fear is such a motivator for us isn't it?! What if you could tackle the one big fear in your life and have it no longer hold you back from living your life fully? Wouldn’t that feel amazing?! Mindfulness coach Greg Klym can help you cultivate strength and courage while taking steps towards moving through your biggest fears. Understand how fear works in the mind and body while starting to utilize tools and practices that will help lessen its grip on you. Understanding and befriending our fear is how we move through it and the mindfulness practices such as deep conscious breathing, body awareness, and journaling will be practiced in the two sessions will help you move in that direction.

Who Will Guide You

Greg Klym is a Registered Moksha Yoga Instructor, Certified Associate Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Meditation Facilitator, and Applied Mindfulness Meditation coach.

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