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enVy Copper & Silk Anti-Aging Pillow

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Why this makes a great gift

This is the ultimate gift to make your loved ones feel relaxed. Allow them to experience True Therapeutic Beauty Pillow with the Anti-Aging + the Anti-Microbial Edge with COPPER ion technology infused into the pillow liner. We had pure clean luxury in mind when we added the CuTEC Copper technology in the Tencel fabric liner under the 100% Mulberry SILK pillowcase. The result is the freshest smoothest night of peaceful beauty sleep and comfort one will ever experience.

Product Description

Our top of the line enVy pillow comes with all the bells and whistles. Like our complete line of envy pillows it has the patented “Off-Your-Face” designed memory foam. The COPPER + SILK has our 100% Mulberry SILK (Oeko-Tex certified against harmful substances) plus our specialty eco-friendly TENCEL fabric Liner which is infused with COPPER by CuTE. This fabric has been tested and shown to be: Antimicrobial (including MRSA kill within 24hrs), Anti-inflammatory, Collagen Boosting and has Anti-oxidant properties which improve skin texture and tone. Each enVy COPPER+SILK pillow comes with 2 optional neck supports. The pillow is for side or back sleeping only.

The OFF-Your-Face Patented Ergonomic Design is perfectly engineered to cradle and subtly tilt your face and jaw away from the pillow, minimizing face-to-pillow contact while offering optimal neck support and alignment.

This off-loading of the jaw/face prevents and reduces the sleep wrinkles and premature aging that develop as we press our sweet faces into a pillow every night.

Besides the design of the pillow that prevents sleep wrinkles sleep, the OFF-your-face positioning is a must-have after any invasive or non-invasive facial treatments or simply to help prevent pressure on your jaw.

The enVy COPPER+SILK Anti-Aging Pillow comes with its 100% SILK pillowcase (*Oeko-Tex Certified free of harmful substances). This removable pillowcase is placed on our Unforgettable Memory Foam.

Technical Features

Pillow is standard size and weighs in at 3.2 lbs and measures 22"x 14" with depth ranging from 2 to 5 inches.

Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping Policy:

We offer shipping across Canada. We use Canpar to ship our products.

Return Policy:

Items can be returned 90 nights from purchase date for refund. The enVy pillow must be returned in original package and all components in an appropriate box or bag. You are responsible for cost of shipping to the address provided, we do not provide prepaid postage labels

Additional Details

Why COPPER? The benefits to the use of COPPER infused into our TENCEL fabric is proven to practically eliminate any bacteria in its sight, thereby providing healthier sleep. Besides being anti-microbial, our enVy COPPER powered by CuTEC has been shown to improve skin texture, skin tone and skin wellness. COPPER infused fabric has anti-inflammatory properties. Copper restores skin cells for healthier looking skin and many also claim that wrinkles disappear as a result of using copper textiles. COPPER is an essential trace element vital for the normal function of many tissues and indispensable for the generation of new skin.

Human skin is not sensitive to COPPER. It is readily metabolized and utilized by the body. Skin heals from the inside out. Copper heals it from the outside and may even be beneficial in the healing of cosmetic procedures, cuts, wounds and even hard to treat skin pathologies.

enVy Pillow

The Pillow with Therapeutic comfort and cutting edge anti-wrinkle support