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Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Journey for a Group

By Cedar Healing Arts


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Why this makes a great gift

Enjoy a transformative, relaxing one hour Crystal Singing Bowl and Chimes sound journey with a group of up to 20 people. Sound journeys are inner journeys guided by various harmonious sounds with varying frequencies and vibrations that can lead you to a state of total relaxation so that healing and connection to your higher consciousness can take place. Influence your personal empowerment and provide an opportunity for self-healing. Sound journey instruments include crystal singing bowls, chimes and more. Take part in a magical soundscape to do inner work from a place of deep relaxation.

Product Description


193 Maple Heights Drive Gravenhurst, ON, P1P 1R1 Canada


1 hour


Guided Sound Journey for up to 20 people.

What You Will Do:

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Journey for group of up to 20 people lead by Sonja. Let her take you on a magical soundscape where you are safe to do any inner work from a place of deep relaxation while the sound vibrations work on a cellular level to create harmony.

Who Will Guide You:

Sonja Denelzen is a licensed practitioner. Loving to live in sync with the elements, Sonja can often found wandering (when she's able to escape the city) in the forest, mountains or by the ocean taking in the sights, sounds and atmosphere. To cultivate this connection with nature brings balance into her everyday life and nurtures a deep respect for all that nature gifts us with. She feels passionate about finding ways to move in a co-creative relationship with all life.


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Language Provided

Journey provided in English

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