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Canvas LI 21.5" Smart Digital Photo Frame

By Meural


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Why this makes a great gift

This sleek and highly innovative gift will give any space it occupies unique character. Why settle for just one photo when you can have hundreds! This smart photo frame is perfect for your favourite photographer, new homeowner or even newlyweds! This gift is the perfect blend between style and function; it’ll last it’s owner a long time and will keep you both connected. Elevate your gift one step further and make the moment extra special by adding a collection of memories to an SD card; that’ll sure impress your gift receiver.

Product Description

Introducing the Meural Canvas II. Show off what you love in lifelike detail. Bring an ever-changing library of 30,000+ works to your wall—and your own photography—all in one frame. 21.5" 1080p AHVA LCD display with anti-glare technology. Optimized for art 1920x1080 full HD resolution.

Bring every brushstroke to life
Patented TrueArt Technology delivers lifelike art at every angle, making the Meural Canvas a masterpiece in its own making.

Lighting is everything
Specialized anti-glare matte display and ambient light sensor ensures that 16.7 million colors from true blacks to rich hues are picture perfect.

Reframe the way you display your photography
Upload, crop, and filter your own images with the Meural app or website. And with the Canvas II’s side door, access to ports for SD card upload is quick and easy.

Turning the past to the present is simple—just wave your hand or tap an app
Explore, discover and curate art, adjust Canvas settings, and more with the Meural app from anywhere or use supported voice controls (like Alexa) to find a new masterpiece.

Make your decor dynamic
Curate your favorite works, personalize your Canvas settings, and schedule display times to suit your mood or routine. And if you’re looking for something new, Meural can even surprise you.

Horizontal or vertical
The Canvas II automatically knows its orientation—and with the Swivel Mount it’s easy to switch.

Technical Features

Frame measures 24.3" x 16.3" x 1.4"

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