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Canadian Newborn Essentials Gift Box

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Why this makes a great gift

This gift features Canadian-made goods that will have the newest little in your life clean, cozy and comfortable. Make every night a baby spa experience, or take your goodies to go in an easy to wipe down eco-friendly tote - this gift is perfect for busy new families.

Product Description

This carefully curated baby tote or box consists of therapeutic and organic small batch Canadian products.

This Collection is perfect for...
  • New Addition To Your Family
  • Baby Shower
  • New Parents!!!

Included in this Gift:
Newborn Gown | Taupe
This Grow With Me Gown allows for longevity! The sleeves are long and can be folded back to fit for months to come. The loose cut allows comfort in movements. The hem is elastic to and allows for an easy and effective diaper change! The Newborn Gown can be worn in a dress when the child is growing up. Ultra soft and stretch fabric! 66% bamboo rayon, 28% cotton, 6% spandex. Made by hand in Montreal | 0-6 Months.

Small Therapeutic Bear
The therapeutic bear is much more than a teddy bear! Apart from its benefits to reduce bellyaches, colic, ear infections (otitis), bruises and the aches of everyday life, it can also be a big help to ease anxious little ones. The size of the bear represents the reassuring size of a mother’s hand, and its weight allows it to safely be placed on the abdomen of a baby. The removable cover of the therapeutic bear is machine washable. Your child can count on him for a long time!
Very useful during the bedtime routine as well as during a crisis, it helps relax if it is placed warm or cold on the child’s chest. Helped by the weight of the bear, the child becomes aware of his breathing and slows it down automatically.This Béké-Bobo therapeutic teddy bear is recognized as a medical device by Health Canada and the European Union.

Lolo Delicate Body & Hair Soap
Bath time will be most enjoyable thanks to this soap with enveloping aromas. Made from high quality ingredients, including La Belle Excuse extra virgin olive oil, this ultra gentle treatment cleanses body and hair in less than two seconds!

Contains aloe water and olive oil | Made with extremely gentle foaming agents from plant sources suitable for sensitive skin | Contains pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) which makes hair stronger and shinier in addition to having anti-inflammatory qualities | Organic chamomile extract | 100% natural and antimicrobial preservative | Completely biodegradable

Lolo Moisturizing Baby Lotion with Olive OilRich moisturizer made with extra virgin olive oil and high quality premium ingredients, which caresses the skin of babies and toddlers, leaving a silky smooth finish. Made without alcohol or phthalates, IFRA certified.

Lolo Baby Powder
This powder, composed of first quality natural ingredients, has the property of reducing humidity and gives baby a fresh and silky skin. Thanks to its fluffy applicator, this formula with soothing aromas is applied with precision and delicacy. Has antiseptic, antibacterial, healing qualities and absorbs moisture | Contains amaranth flour, well known to treat irritated skin and redness | Contains provitamin B5 recognized for its anti-inflammatory and softening properties, it contributes to the repair of weakened skin | Contains aloe vera extract, rich in vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and proteins. This ingredient softens and helps hydrate weakened skin | Zinc free, suitable for washable diapers | Completely biodegradable

Pillow Mist
This gentle, comforting mist soothes your baby into a relaxed state that promotes sleep. Spray on a pillow, sheet or on your little one's favourite blanket.

Lolo Washcloth (x5)
Here is our soft washcloth made from organic bamboo and cotton which helps reduce the risk of allergy. It is ideal for cleaning the delicate skin of babies , at home or during outings. Edged with a detailed finish. Can be machine washed and dried. Small ribbon to hang up after use.

Footed Grey Fox PotHow cute is this little ceramic fox pot! It can be used to hold a plant, baby creams, headbands, washcloth....the list goes on. Anything you want really! Dolomite Container.

Your recipient can choose the vessel at redemption...Will it be a Tote or a Toy Box?

A Large HINZA Tote

Our always popular tote seems like the perfect fit for this collection. Flexible, durable and easy to clean. Use for an everyday diaper bag or even a picnic cooler! Your gift recipient can choose between Black, Mint, Light Blue, Rose or Yellow.


Hand Crafted Wooden Toy Box

Our custom crate is durable and designed to last. Reusable and perfect for storing toys or keepsakes. Handmade in Canada.

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