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Art Hustle Donation

By SKETCH Working Arts


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Why this makes a great gift

You can play a key role in transforming the lives of local youth through the arts.

Your gift will create possibilities for young people living homeless or on the margins to access and develop their creativity so that they may live well and lead. Born to hustle, artists find resources to support their craft any way they can. Lighten the load of finding food, art supplies, skill building, transportation and networking too. Your gift supports the #hustle of one artist at SKETCH for an entire week!

Product Description

Make a donation to support Sketch's young artists in a multitude of capacities.

Empowered young artists are the culture makers, perception changers and collaborators who build creative communities. Cover the cost of food, art supplies, skill building, transportation, referral supports for one of Sketch's young artists for an entire week of programming

SKETCH is a community arts enterprise engaging diverse young people, ages 16-29, from across Canada, who live homeless or on the margins and navigate poverty to experience the transformative power of the arts, build leadership and self-sufficiency in the arts, and cultivate social and environmental change through the arts.

SKETCH’s Culinary Kitchen is not only where we cook weekly meals for our artists, it also holds workshops for anyone who wants to learn all about cooking and making meals for themselves. All culinary arts workshops are led by our team of Culinary Artists. An e-voucher for your donation will be sent to the recipient's email upon purchase.

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