Our Story

What if there existed a single place where you could find all your loved ones’ most beloved products and experiences? Welcome to Thoughtfull.
In a world where time is scarce and everyone seems to have everything they need, finding the perfect gift has become increasingly difficult. But your time is precious and so are your relationships. Gifting should never be a chore. We’re here to revitalize the gifting experience: to make it easier, more joyful, and harness its power to bring us all a little closer together.

Our Approach

We believe that people come before products; every Thoughtfull experience should have a human touch. Our expert curators have used a rigorous set of criteria to find you the world’s most unique products, one- of-a-kind experiences, and impactful social causes. We strive to live with purpose and integrity, and so we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our gifts are high-quality and built to last. Whether it’s a same-day gift or the gift of time: everything we offer has meaning to make each gifting experience that much more memorable.

Our Community

Thoughtfull gifting is more than a transactional exchange, it’s about building relationships. Sprinkled throughout our gift recommendations you’ll find inspiring articles with practical gifting tips and tricks, and ideas on how to deepen your connection with yourself, your loved ones, and the planet. Whether it’s sharing the best gifting experience you’ve ever had or suggesting your neighbourhood’s best-kept secret experience, Thoughtfull thrives when we all share in the joy of gifting. Connect with us on social [INSERT HYPERLINK] or email us [INSERT HYPERLINK].