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Looking for the perfect gift for the person who does it all, has it all or is constantly caring for everyone around them? Give them a chance to slow down, relax, unwind and indulge in some self-care. Everyone deserves to be pampered and take care of themselves. Encourage your recipient to disconnect and slow down with a Hoame experience. Gift indulgence with a spa treatment from Elmwood Spa or Hammam Spa. Feel good about your gift and its impact on the environment with an upcycled gift from Puebco. Help them discover their perfect journal with options from Kikki K, The Happiness Planner or a classic Moleskine. Self-care can take many forms – let them explore the relaxing properties of scent with diffusers or essential oils or set them up to take the perfect bath with bath bombs from Bathorium or a gift from Yuzu Soap. Choose from a curated selection of gift boxes and book to give someone the perfect night in. Not into baths or the spa experience? No problem! Animal-lovers can “shmurgle” a Nigerian Dwarf Goat and spend some time connecting with furry or feathered friends on a lovely farm. Make your receiver feel cared-for, indulged and pampered with a wide selection of gifts reminding them to take a little time to recharge.