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Candle and Palo Santo Incense Duo Gift Set

By The Breakfast Pantry Inc.


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Why this makes a great gift

There's no better duo than a handpoured candle and Palo Santo incense. Take in the luxurious scents and ground yourself in rest, rejuvination and wellness. Incorporate in your bed, bath or wellness routine for the perfect gift!

Product Description

The perfect duo for relaxation and rejuvination!

This Gift Includes:
  • One Hand Poured Candle from The Breakfast Pantry housed in a reusable glass cannister
  • One Bundle of Palo Santo sustainably harvested incense sticks

Choose between three candle scents:

Candle 01- Cedarwood, Birch & Hickory
Woody and earthy notes of Cedarwood & Birch combined with smoky notes of Hickory make this candle reminiscent of a winter day, log cabin retreat and crackling of an open fire. Light and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Cedarwood oil, known to have a calming affect on the mind and body.

Candle 02- Palo Santo, Oud & Sandalwood
Bright, smoky and woody notes of Palo Santo & Oud combined with sweet & creamy notes of Sandalwood make this candle reminiscent of a sunset bonfire or beach getaway. Featuring Palo Santo, also known as “Holy Wood”, a wood native to South America that has been used for centuries to cleanse spaces, energize oneself and combat negative energy.

Candle 03- Lavender & Juniper Berry
Soft floral notes of lavender combined with woody notes of juniper make this candle reminiscent of a nature escape or freshly cleaned space. Light and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of lavender oil, know to help relieve stress and anxiety. Tip: Light before bed to enjoy lavender’s sleep benefits - know not only to help you fall asleep, but to improve the overall quality of rest.

The Breakfast Pantry candles are hand-poured in Toronto using bleach-free cotton wicks, pure soybean wax, essential oils & essences - carefully blended without additives, artificial dyes or fragrances.

A place in your pantry - After burning through your candle wax, you are left with one of The Breakfast Pantry's signature pantry canisters - hand blown from Borosilicate glass & topped with an acacia wood lid. Clean & fill it, then find a home for it on your shelves.

The Breakfast Pantry's Palo Santo incense sticks are sustainably harvested from naturally-fallen trunks and branches of Ecuador’s dry forests. Burn the end of a stick and spread throughout the air to cleanse your space and unwind.

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