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Natural Dye Kit & Good Tee

By The Good Tee

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Why this makes a great gift

Looking for something fun, guilt-free and creative to do? We’ve got a GOOD project for you. Our kits feature bright, natural herbs that transform organic white t-shirts into sustainable works of art. Our natural dye kit, complete with a Good Tee, gives the beginner dyer a perfect introduction into the beauty and wonder of creating colour from nature and customizing your own unique t-shirt. The best part: it’s a sustainable, guilt-free project, with minimal environmental impact. Our Fairtrade certified tees are designed and delivered with the environment and ethical manufacture in mind.

Product Description

Tie-dye is very popular this year, and our kits are a great option for folks who want to try tie-dyeing, but without all the harsh chemicals. However, tie-dyeing with natural dyes is not the same as with synthetic dyes - the beauty and magic of natural dyeing comes with the unexpected!

Choose the size of t-shirt for your recipient when selecting their gift.

This gift includes

  • A pre-shrunk t-shirt in your choice of size
  • The ingredients to dye around 3- 4 t-shirts
  • Comprehensive instructions to guide creators through the step-by-step process of preparing fibres and dyeing with dried dyestuffs.
  • Ingredients for dyeing: 90g Alum (a food-safe ingredient made of potassium aluminum sulfate) as the mordant (for colourfast); 30g Gallnut, a tannin powder made from the galls formed on oak trees, for pre-mordanting
  • Ingredients for colour: 15g Logwood chips (haematoxylon campechianum), which yield gorgeous soft purples, 15g osage sawdust (maclura pomifera) for yellow, 15g ground madder root (rubia tinctoria) for lovely peachy orange shades, and 7g cochineal (dactylopius coccus) for pink.

How much this kit will dye depends on a few things, including how dark a colour is expected, and what fibres are used. But it will dye a lot! One could expect to dye at least 3-4 t-shirts to a medium deep colour, and probably more, and darker if desired.

Please note that the dyed fibres in the photos are pictured to show what colours one can expect to achieve with the dye.

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