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Early Riser Coffee Gift Box

By Balzac's Coffee


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Why this makes a great gift

No matter when you enjoy your coffee, those who are coffee obsessed know that the right cup can turn their day around. This Gift Box brings the full Balzac’s café experience to your home including two 12oz bags of coffee and a nostalgic retro mug. Select your favourite whole bean blend to personalize the gift even further.

Product Description

Say Good Morning the right way – With a Gift Box of their favourite Balzac’s coffee. Create an at home café using Balzac’s beans, a nostalgic retro mug and coasters. A perfect gift for any coffee lover, this gift box allows you the opportunity to recreate their favourite café experience at home. Select you favourite blend of beans to customize the give even further.

This Gift Set includes

2x 12oz bags of Whole Bean Coffee
Select your favourite whole bean from these 4 options: House Blend, Dark Blend, Espresso & Decaf.

1x Retro Balzac’s Retro Mug
A 12oz porcelain mug printed with the Balzac’s Biggins Shield. With a nostalgic design, you’ll be drinking coffee style. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

1x Café Coasters
Paying homage to our café locations, each coaster boasts a unique design suitable for any beverage up to 110 C. Constructed from hardboard and cork-backed

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Additional Details

House Blend
Balzac’s Blend (Marble Roast)
Bold & Balanced
Based on Honoré de Balzac’s own blend. Bold, rounded and generous — a gutsy cup. Origins include Sumatra, Costa Rica, Guatemala.

Dark Blend
A Dark Affair (Stout Roast)
Smoky & Spicy
This full-bodied blend boasts a rich and vibrant taste to satisfy your darkest pleasures. Origins include Columbia & Honduras.

Espresso Blend (Amber Roast)
Velvety & Smooth
Adhering to European traditions, our version of this premium blend yields a deep, rich crema. This blend is certified Fairtrade Organic. Origins include Mexico & Peru.

Swiss Water Decaf (Stout Roast)
Our Swiss Water Decaf is a blend of Colombian and Sumatran beans, processed in the 100% chemical free method of Swiss Water. Origins include Colombia & Sumatra.

Balzac's Coffee

Inspired by the Grand Cafés of Paris, Balzac’s Coffee Roasters was brought to life by a burning ambition to bring that culture to the Great White North i.e. Canada. The company was founded in Stratford, Ontario in 1996, led by the entrepreneurial and artistic vision of one woman – Diana Olsen. As President and Founder, she continues to drive the company’s success with sharp business acumen, creativity, and a finger on the pulse of contemporary culture. Proudly Canadian, Balzac’s has 14 distinct and beloved locations across Ontario.

What distinguishes Balzac’s from the rest, aside from unrivalled roasts and formidable female leadership, is that every café is specifically designed to embody the cultural nuances and historical significance of the location it’s in. In doing so, each café has carved out a unique personality as a central gathering place for the locals to converse, share, ruminate and create. And the fact that all Balzac’s cafés have garnered quite the loyal following proves that providing a place for people to drink excellent coffee in the authentic French tradition has an appeal that can only be described as everlasting.

In the words of novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac - "the café is the people’s parliament,"