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2020 Toronto Tea Festival Winners

By Tea Rebellion


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Why this makes a great gift

We have put together this gift set with these award winning loose leaf teas for any pure tea lover. Enjoy

Product Description

The 2020 Toronto Tea Festival results are out and we are thrilled to see our teas winning so many prizes in the blind tasting competition across four categories…Congratulations to our amazing tea masters in Nepal, Taiwan, Malawi. You rock! We have put together this “2020 Toronto Tea Festival Winners bundle” to allow you to taste our finest fiercely authentic tea from our amazing partners.

Our bundle contains the following:
25g Kumari Gold from Nepal (1st Prize Black)
25g Alishan Black (5th Prize Black)

25 g White Prakash (2nd Prize White)

40g Organic Lemongrass (2nd Prize Herbal)

25g Alishan Oolong, Oolong from Taiwan (1st Prize Oolong)
40g Forever Spring Oolong from Taiwan (4th Prize Oolong)
40g Father Zambezi’s Mission Oolong from Malawi (5th Prize Oolong)

Technical Features

Kumari Gold from Nepal
Character: Precious, Golden, Full-bodiedDescription:
Kumari Gold is a specialty black tea processed from the young tea bushes and contains high volume of essential oils.

Alishan Black from Taiwan
Character: Soft, smooth, sweetDescription:
This Black Tea is hand-picked from Alishan’s finest hill tea gardens at an altitude of 1200-1500 meters. It brews a bright, translucent amber with fragrant notes of honey and maple syrup.

White Prakash from Nepal
Character: Blooming, Friendly, ElegantDescription:
White Prakash is made from the baby plant In spring and with virtually no processing. Our White Prakash includes vanilla, spring blossoms and melted butter notes.

Organic Lemongrass from Nepal
Character: Zen, Fresh, CalmingDescription:
This pure, organic lemongrass tea is the perfect detox with its natural citrusy herbal and smoothing taste and its antioxidants and microbial properties.

Alishan Oolong from Taiwan
Character: Exquisite, Enticing, EverlastingDescription:
The mountain Ali Shan is famous within Taiwan and among tea lovers worldwide. Located in Chiayi on the southern part of the Central Mountain range, the climate and altitude of up to 2300m is ideal for the tea plant to grow slowly and produce tender, flavourful leaves.

Forever Spring Oolong from Taiwan
Character: Sweet, Gentle, PureDescription:
Forever Spring is named for its cultivar, Si Ji Chun, or “Four Seasons Spring.” While most tea bushes can only produce tea 2-3 times a year, this variety is constantly flushing, as if forever in springtime.

Father Zambezi’s Mission, Oolong from Malawi
Character: Honest, Effortless, RelaxedDescription:
Father Zambezi’s Mission is full bodied, balanced and both sweet and savory, giving it a distinct signature.

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Additional Details

Authentic | Pure | Bold | Loose Leaf | Organic or all natural |

Tea Rebellion

Tea Rebellion was founded by Annabel Kalmar in 2017 to change the way tea is traded and to connect tea drinkers with tea farmers. Annabel developed a passion for improving farmers’ market access and incomes when working in the fields of El Salvador and Dominican Republic. Annabel believes in transforming things that don’t work. She noted that coffee and chocolate seemed to have gotten all the love from consumers and that drinkers cared deeply about the origin of their beverage. Why then did most tea drinkers know so little, buy the same product and drink low quality blended teas? Annabel decided it was time to shake things up in this traditional industry and create a social enterprise to bring about change.