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Olive Tree Adoption

By Nudo Adopt

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Why this makes a great gift

Nudo Adopt’s olive tree adoption is a unique and personalized foodie gift supporting small-scale, sustainable olive farming in Italy. Extra virgin olive oil is a bit like wine, varying between variety and region. An olive tree adoption is about exploring the world of extra virgin olive oil through the regions and cultivars of Italy. A unique and personal gift for any foodie or travel lover. They choose the grove for their tree in Liguria, Marche or Sicily, they can even go and visit their tree!

Product Description

Subscription Details

Give the gift of the complete olive oil experience, oil from their tree's harvest plus more.


  • Olive Tree adoption certificate
  • Booklet all about their adoption

    Unico Subscription:
  • They redeem their gift & choose their olive grove
  • In April they receive their tree's new harvest oil

    Completo Subscription:
  • They redeem their gift & choose their olive grove
  • January: Olio Nuovo, fresh unfiltered oil
  • April: Receive their tree's new harvest oil
  • July: Monovarietal, oil from one olive cultivar
  • October: Regional, from a special region of Italy

  • 20% discount in the shop as an adoptive parent
  • Regular updates about their grove, farmer, and oil
  • Visit your grove to meet your tree & farmer


    The Unico features 1 oil delivery of 3x500ml tins.
    The Completo features 4 oil deliveries of 3x500ml tins.

    Delivery Information

    Each delivery contains 3 x 500ml containers of Extra Virgin Olive oil. They will arrive at the end of the delivery months.

    For The Unico Subscription, that will be at the end of April.

    For the Completo Subscription, that will be at the end of January, April, July and October.

    Shipping is included in the price of the subscription.
  • Technical Features

    Redemption Instructions

    Redemption instructions are included in the digital voucher that is emailed to the gift recipient.

    To start receiving their oil, the recipient must redeem it using the code in their voucher. At this point they will select their olive grove and note where it should be shipped to.

    Shipping and Return Policy

    Shipping Policy:

    Our gifts ship digitally via email.

    Return Policy:

    Unfortunately, there are no returns on our gift experiences.

    Additional Details

    About the different extra virgin olive oils

    Each olive grove has a single annual harvest in November; each tree producing about 1.5L of extra virgin olive oil each year. Once the oil is pressed it is settled in large containers for a few months before the final filter and bottling. We deliver the oil from your tree at its freshest state in April.

    Olio Nuovo is oil bottled unfiltered immediately after pressing, it is the freshest oil you can get, delivered straight away after harvest in January.

    Our Regional and Monovarietal oils are expertly selected by our miller who we have been working with for years. They are delivered in July and October fresh from the mill after bottling. These oils exemplify the different flavour properties of extra virgin olive oils between the different cultivars and regions and really help you to delve into the world of extra virgin olive oil.

    Nudo Adopt

    Nudo Adopt empowers olive farmers running small-scale groves in Italy to continue using sustainable farming methods to produce authentic extra virgin olive oil. The Nudo olive tree adoption program provides economic security for the annual olive harvest by connecting Nudo’s farmers with food lovers all over the world who can adopt an olive tree to support a grove. Olive tree parents receive the first cold press, premium extra virgin olive oil from their tree, delivered straight to their door straight from the grove. We want people to feel connected with the source of their oil so they receive regular updates from the grove and can even go to visit their olive tree and meet their farmer.