How to Transform Your Home into a Self-Care Sanctuary

How to Transform Your Home into a Self-Care Sanctuary
Turn your home into the ultimate self-care sanctuary with these simple changes.

Whether it’s a cozy studio apartment or spacious bungalow, where you live should offer a relaxing refuge from the noise of the outside world. These 13 effortless self-care ideas can help you transform any space into a peaceful wellness sanctuary.


Add a diffuser

The power of scent to promote wellness in your space is not to be under-estimated. Choose a minimalist oil diffuser in a natural hue or material to take advantage of aromatherapy’s relaxing benefits. Peppermint or eucalyptus oil is perfect to uplift and cleanse the home while relaxing scents such as lavender and chamomile can help you wind down before bedtime.


Use organic materials

Transform your home into a Pinterest-worthy spa oasis with natural materials that evoke a sense of peace and calm. When choosing furniture and decorative materials, opt for wood, clay, stone, rattan, and natural fibers over synthetics.


Install dimmer switches

Swapping light switches for dimmers at home is easier and less expensive than you might expect. With the right tools and a good tutorial (or your local electrician if you get stuck), it’s a quick do-it-yourself project with big payoff—at the turn of a dial, you can bring artificial light down to the softest, most relaxing of levels.


Emphasize natural light

Sunlight plays a major role in our mood and helps strengthen our connection to nature—two crucial elements to making your home a peaceful space. Maximize the natural light by switching out dark curtains for airy alternatives where possible and strategically placing mirrors near windows that can bounce the sun’s rays across the room.


Hang eucalyptus in your shower

For a surefire way to lower stress, hang a few stems of eucalyptus upside down from your shower head (make sure they’re placed directly behind the nozzle to avoid getting wet when the water is on). The hot steam will diffuse the plant’s natural oils—turning your morning shower into a spa-like wellness experience. For a little extra zen, pluck off a leaf post-shower and dab it onto your skin to soak up all the benefits of this natural healer.


Focus on natural hues

While statement colours can make a room pop, transforming your home into a true sanctuary may require a more thorough paint job. Stick with a palette of neutrals and earthy hues to create a soothing, spa-like effect, and avoid bright colours and bold patterns, which can send your senses into overdrive. Consider colours such as lavender, pastel green, dove grey, or deep blue. Each is like a tonic for the eyes that encourages you to relax and unwind.


Choose proportional furniture with low lines

An overwhelmed room leads to an overwhelmed mind. Beds, couches, coffee tables, bookshelves, chairs, and tables should be proportional both to the space and one another. For smaller spaces at home or spaces with low ceilings, low-seated furniture—items that are shorter in stature—can help make a room feel more open.


Reserve a space for meditation

This could be as permanent as a carved-out comfy corner in your home for daily practice, or as simple as investing in a meditation cushion to stow in a closet and pull out any time you need a moment of mindfulness.


Hide power cords

Keeping that mess of electrical cords and USB cables out of sight will keep the technology they’re connected to (and the stress of work and social media) out of mind. If you’re always struggling to find a phone charger before bed, try keeping a charging pad permanently on your bedside table, so you can toss your devices aside before bedtime without worrying about whether your alarm will go off the next morning.


Wake up to music

Have a smart homeIf being jolted awake by an aggressive alarm causes tension, take a few minutes to adjust your settings so you can be gently awoken by a feel-good song or a soothing voice instead. No one wants to start their day in a bad mood.


Replace trinkets with meaningful objects

Apply the KonMari Method to your decor and keep only the objects that hold significance. Before you bring anything new home, take the time to think about its function and whether it will add to or detract from your zen-like space. If you like the look of full shelves, try swapping clutter for calm with healing crystals, earthy candles, or a salt lamp.


Bring the outside in

Indoor plants at home are proven to reduce stress and improve the air quality. Place at least one plant, in a simple, natural-coloured container, in each room to infuse your space with the tranquility of nature.


Maximize comfort

Velvet ottomans and wicker chairs have their time and place (ahem, a magazine spread), but  above all, your home needs to be a place where you feel safe and comfortable. Cozy blankets, soft linens, and plush pillows will ensure your home feels less like a catalogue and more like an inviting cocoon. 

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