6 Creative Themes To Make Your Next Dinner Party Memorable

6 Creative Themes To Make Your Next Dinner Party Memorable
Give these ideas a try if you want to surprise your guests at your next dinner party.

There can be a lot of pressure around hosting big dinner party such as New Year’s Eve. Just because you want to make it memorable, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in doing so. Here are some budget-conscious ideas that will allow you to add a twist to your dinner party in order to surprise and delight your guests with an unpredictable theme that they are sure to remember.


Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Murder mystery dinners are a great way to break the ice between old and new friends. Encourage everyone to dress up in Sherlock Holmes inspired attire to make it a great picture-perfect evening. You can find murder mystery kits online or create your own giving each guest a character and back story. To tie it all together, you can serve a classic British dinner of prime rib and mashed potatoes.

Decades Dinner Party

From the Roaring 20s to the Swinging 60s, there’s some truly magnificent elements of each era which makes for a great celebration. Choose an era and have your guests dress accordingly. Tailor your food and beverage offerings to really showcase the key dishes and drinks of those years. For some added fun, split your guests into two teams and challenge them to trivia of that era.

Bite Sized Dinner Party

Looking to really surprise your friends? Make all your food miniature. This is perfect for if you don’t have room around the table for everyone to site. A much easier way to serve the food as no forks or knives are needed. Just because it’s miniature, doesn’t mean it can’t be fancy. Our top picks would be caprese salad on skewers or prime rib bites.

Iron Chef Dinner Party

Inspire your Foodie friends and bring out their sense of competition by making your dinner party an Iron Chef theme. This will put your guests to work by splitting them into teams and assigning each team a course (ie. appetizer or desert). We recommend you continue to manage the main dish. Each team will be given various ingredients including the ‘secret ingredient’ they need to revolve their dish around. (ie. Avocado). It’s a great way to spend the evening and have a delish meal in the end.


Breakfast for Dinner Party

Everyone loves breakfast, so why not serve it for dinner? Leave the cereal in the pantry, but instead elevate your breakfast staples by baking a vegetable-packed frittata or mini egg muffins. Crepes are always a crowd pleaser, if it’s hearty and protein filled for a main or with strawberries and chocolate sauce as a desert. No matter what you serve, just don’t forget the ceasars and mimosas!  

Nostalgic Potluck Dinner Party

Everyone has at least one dish from their childhood that never fails to bring them comfort. A great way to learn even more about your guests is to have them each bring a dish that reminds them of their childhood. This can be from Mom’s spaghetti to Grandma’s cookies. This might result in a mishmash of dishes however it will also lead to a feel-good atmosphere in the room when everyone shares what makes their dish special to them. For an added touch, get everyone to bring the original recipe (if they have it), so that other can take the recipes home to pass on to their own families.

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