Craft Your Own Beer Crawl

people enjoying craft beer at a busy brewery
Plan the ultimate beer crawl for a night to (probably) remember.

Every beer drinker has their style. Maybe you’re the craft beer connoisseur, obsessed with your hops and always on top of the latest microbrewery trends. You could be the type of beer drinker ready to debate the pros and cons of wheat vs. barley beers for hours. Or maybe for you, whatever leftover can is in your fridge will do just fine.

Whatever you’re style is, all beer enthusiasts can agree on one superior way to enjoy the brew, a beer crawl. Touring around the city, picking your favourite breweries to hit, reliving memories from your favourite spots and making new ones - the pub crawl is the hidden gem gift giving. Here’s how to plan the night you won’t (or will) forget.


Pick the Bars

An obvious start that can be easily overlooked. It can be tempting to just “figure it out on the go”, but a couple drinks in it may be harder to clearly pick what the best next stop will be. Plus, picking the bars takes that extra thought that’ll make your gift even more special.


Start with a theme

This is the chance to be creative and really personalize your gift. To bring your night together pick a theme, here are some examples:


  • Microbrewery tour;  Pick a few you’ve shared amazing moments at to put on the list.
  • Fresh spots; Pick an entire set of bars you’ve never been to but always wanted to try. 
  • Sports crawl; head to different sports bars around the city, pick your favourite from the night to watch the next game. 
  • Neighbourhood tour; pick an area you’ve always wanted to explore, look up some of the top rated bars in that area, and make a night of it. 
  • Live music tour; skip the hefty price tags at concert venues and check out some local talent at open mic nights and bands playing shows at bars.

Plan the route

Once you’ve found a couple bars you want to hit (around four is a good number, any more and it will literally become a beer crawl), map it out. This may seem obvious, but actually seeing your route on a map can help determine how much time you’ll need to get from bar to bar, whether you’re route makes sense (eg. are you driving back and forth between the east and west end for different bars), and how to get in between. Unless you have a designated driver in your party, make sure to budget some funds for taxis/ubers, or for public transit.


Make the map

For larger groups, it can be easier to go digital and use Google Maps (make sure to sign in and save your map) or mapstr, and share your map with multiple people. For an intimate touch you can print out a map and hand draw the route. You can attach the map to a handmade card, and write the date and time the crawl is starting.


Extra touches 

  • Scavenger hunt/bar bingo; make a grid and fill it with different things you could see on a night out. It could be anything from someone wearing a specific sports jersey, to seeing someone who could be your twin out. The first one to create a line doesn’t have to pay for the last round! 
  • Picture time; Get everyone to bring a disposable camera to take photos throughout the night, that way you get to relive (and remember) the night for years. 

To the bars

Once you’ve sent the invite and locked in a date, your work is done.


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