5 Ways to Spend the Day With the Creative in Your Life

hands painting green watercolour images onto small white circles
Tap into your left brain and give the gift of time spent with your favourite creative.

What to get a person with a distinct aesthetic, perfectly curated home decor, and the crafting ability of 1000 Pinterest boards? It’s a struggle that those of us with an artistically inclined group of friends know all too well. If the thought of making a homemade painting or craft seems amateur compared to what they’d whip up, here’s another way to win over your creative’s heart—give the gift of your time with a dedicated date and event you can attend together.

Nothing shows you care like showing interest in a loved one’s passions. Even if it’s not your typical cup of tea, put their interests above your own for the day—it’s a gesture that will mean more than any store-bought tchotchke. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new hobby.  
With a little bit of digging through event listings for your city, you can find some low cost (or even free) activities for the two of you to do together. Here are some ideas to add to your list.


Explore a new art gallery together

Every city has a major art gallery—and chances are, your friend has already been to it. Explore a smaller art gallery (or new exhibit at an old haunt) together. Simply Google galleries in your city and go beyond the first couple suggestions to get to the smaller, less known ones (these ones are often free).

In Toronto, the Power Plant features Canadian and international contemporary art that’s free for the public to view. You can also head to smaller galleries such as Toronto’s Gallery Arcturus, a not-for-profit art exhibition and education centre.


Take a pottery class together

Channel your inner 1990’s Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in “Ghost” and take a pottery class together. It doesn’t matter if you make an unusable lump, it’s a new shared experience that you both will cherish. Many galleries offer pop-up classes, so keep an eye out for drop-in options in your area.


Dance the night away at an outdoor concert 

Music brings us together, and that’s not just a cliche saying. listening to music and singing together has been proven to impact the neuro-chemicals in the brain that help facilitate closeness and connection. If large-venue ticket prices are too steep, try Googling free outdoor concerts for your city. Often held in gardens, parks, or through open mics, it may not be a genre of music you’re used too, but that will make the experience all the more unique.


Take a painting class together

Paint Nights have been on the rise for their stress relieving side effects—you don’t need to be the next Picasso when the night’s goal is purely to have fun. You can choose to go to a guided class or a drop-in session. For some inspiration, bring in a photo of you two that you both love, try to recreate it. Depending on your skills, it could be a thoughtful (or hilarious) creation.

Tip: You can make your own paint night either at home or by bringing some canvases and paint from the local dollar store to your favourite park.


Go to an Artist Talk 

Artist talks give the artist a chance to connect deeper with their audience, and help create a greater depth and appreciation of the work. Tons of galleries large and small host free events—even the most prestigious galleries like the AGO. Is your friend a fan of a particular artist, or have a style of design they gravitate towards? Try going to an artist talk for the inside scoop on how and why it was created.

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