Mix Up Your Makeup Routine With 4 Products Already In Your Bag

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Here are a couple of staple beauty products you can use to mix up your makeup routine and try out something new. 

There is something comforting about having your beauty routine down pact. Whether it is just a simple moisturizer and mascara, or a full face complete with a perfect cat eye. But, as is with any routine, you may find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut. Luckily, mixing things up can give you the extra spring in your step that you’re looking for. The best part? You don’t even need to get new products! Chances are you’ll have all the ingredients to cook up a new look already in your makeup bag.

Here are a couple of staple beauty products you can use to mix up your makeup routine and try out something new.



It may seem simple, but switching out your regular nude lip in favor of a bright red or deep plum can help make you feel like a million bucks. There is a level of confidence that you naturally exude when rocking a bold lip.


  • Be patient! If you are not used to working with bold colors, be sure to take your timeand have cotton swabs and makeup remover on hand.  
  • If you are using a traditional lipstick versus a liquid, utilize the help of a lipstick brush. This will help to ensure that you get the clean lines you are looking for.  
  • Draw the outline on your lips, forming an “x” at your cupid’s bow. While over-lining your lips is a huge trend right now, be careful not to go too outside the natural lines of your lips. Start out small, and if you want to go fuller, you can always add more. Then, fill in the outline. 
  • Lightly blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess and press lips together softly – do not smush your lips together too much though, or you’ll find yourself baring a strong resemblance to the Joker! 
  • To help your lipstick’s staying power, put a tissue on your lips and with a fluffy brush, blot them with translucent setting powder.  
  • Be sure to take your lipstick out with you so you can touch up as needed!  


If you are looking to give your face a little break, and step away from your full coverage foundation, look to your concealer instead. Concealer has a more concentrated coverage will make quick work of those red patches and dark under eyes without weighing too heavily on your face, while letting your natural beauty shine through.  


  • A little bit goes a long way! Instead of applying the product directly to your face from the wand, put the concealer on the back of your hand instead and apply with your fingertips. 
  • Forgo the brushes and sponges and use your fingers (but make sure your hands are clean). The warmth of your fingers will help the concealer melt flawlessly into your skin. Using your ring finger, dab a small amount of product under your eyes, on your cheeks and nose, or wherever it is you want some coverage.  
  • Then, blend blend blend blend blend. Instead of using a wiping motion to blend out the concealer on your face, use patting motions with your fingers. 
  • To help set your concealer, take a loose, flush brush and lightly apply setting powered to your face. This will also help to control shine throughout the day!  

Brow Pencil

Ever been envious of your friend who has the cutest smattering of freckles on their face? Well, thanks to your favorite eyebrow pencil or cream, you can rock the look too. This trend has been huge lately, and makeup buffs have experimented in natural to bold. A natural shaded brow product will give you a subtle look, while opting for colored eyeliner would take it to the next (perfect for festivals) level.  


  • Select your eyebrow product of choice. If you use a dark brow product, you may want to opt for a brown eyeliner.  
  • If you are using a pencil, be sure to sharpen it for a more precise application. If you are using a cream product, get your finest brush ready.  
  • Once you have applied your desired base, it’s time to add some freckles. Lightly dot the product onto your skin across your cheeks and nose.  Don’t worry about being too precise, you want to avoid having the freckles appear too uniform as you want it to look natural.  
  • At the risk of sounding like a broken record, be sure to use your big fluffy brush to dust some translucent setting power over your new freckles to help them last the day.  


A good highlighter can be the most versatile item in your makeup bag. It can do everything from giving you dramatic, blind your eyes out cheekbones, to a soft and ethereal glow. Lips, eyes, noses, cheeks, you name it, you can put highlight on it. 



  • Using a small fluffy brush, or your pinky fingers, apply a small about of highlighter to the inside corner of your eyes. This will help you look wide awake at your 8am meeting, and not at all like you were out with friends until 1am.  
  • Sweep some highlighter underneath your eyebrow’s arch for more definition. 


  • Apply highlight down the bridge of your nose for a slimming effect. But be sure to avoid the tip, lest you look like Rudolf on Christmas Eve, gearing up to pull Santa’s sleigh! 


  • Before applying your lipstick, dust a small amount of highlight on your cupid’s bow for fuller looking lips.  


  • This is where the real fun is. Apply as little or as much highlight as you want on the top of your cheekbones with a fluffy tapered or fanned brush. This will mimic how the light naturally hits your face and will help to define your cheekbones.

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