Four Ways Cannabis Can Inspire a Creative State of Mind

Four Ways Cannabis Can Inspire a Creative State of Mind

From a boost of energy to relaxing at home, be inspired with these four ways of incorporating cannabis into one’s life that can help enhance creativity.

As the world around us continues to speed up, it’s important that we take a minute, reconnect with the present, and spend a little time on ourselves. If that’s through meditation, enjoying the arts or simply having a dance party. The legalization of cannabis has enabled Canadians to incorporate it into their activities to further inspire creativity. Here are four ways that cannabis can be integrated into the artistic process to help inspire.


Relax with Meditation

Meditation is a great way to keep us centered, reduce stress and inspire creativity. Pairing meditation and cannabis can help lead to a state of ultimate relaxation and reflection.

If you’re interested in exploring mindfulness, keep these tips in mind:

  • Find a comfortable, quiet space and settle in.
  • To set the mood light some calming incense, close your eyes, allow your body to relax and embrace any feelings that may come.
  • Depending on the method of consumption, you may find yourself feeling more grounded or your muscles softening. Lean into it.
  • Slow your breathing and focus on the rhythm. Try to clear your mind, but if your thoughts do wander, centre yourself back on your breathing.
  • Start small. Even five minutes of meditation a day has been found to have great effects on our mental and physical wellness, with or without cannabis.

Enhance Artistic Process

Many people use cannabis as a partner in their artistic process – triggering the imagination, awakening the senses, and freeing us from our self-censors. Spend some quality time tapping into your inventive bone (art, music, writing, whatever it may be) and get creative.

Jen Arron, a fibre artist featured in the Latitude publication, uses this time to access her artwork in a deeper way: “I felt a lot of joy and connection to the process, like I could live forever and not nearly touch the surface of all the things I want to make.”


Elevate your Passion

The new world of cannabis is full of enthusiasts motivated to experience and connect with art, music, travel, design, food and fitness. When embracing your passions, you can use cannabis to help elevate the experience.

Let’s use yoga as an example. If you’re a yoga-lover, or even someone who’s just starting out, there are studios across the country that are now offering 420 friendly yoga classes. Like combining cannabis and meditation, a 420 friendly yoga session can help to relax both the mind and the body.


Turn up the Volume

Get up and get going! If you’re looking for more excitement in your night, dancing can be a cathartic way to connect with music, movement, and community. Or you can use music and cannabis as a partnership to help relax after a long day.


There are tons of playlists out there on Spotify that are catered to cannabis use, no matter what your vibe or mood. If you’re looking to chill out, explore the likes of Pink Floyd and other psychedelic rockers. If you’re looking to get the party started and get your dance on, turn up the Daft Punk and electronica.

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