A New Way to Relax at Home with Cannabis

A New Way to Relax at Home with Cannabis

The legalization of cannabis has led to a new path for many when it comes to an evening of unwinding. Here are a few ways cannabis can help with relaxation at home.

We all like to indulge ourselves with a reward at the end of a busy day, whether it’s binge-watching the latest TV show sensation or sipping on a glass of wine – or both. However, for a post-work way of unwinding, wine is not the only option. The cannabis renaissance has led to a new path for many when it comes to an evening of unwinding. Here are a few ways that you can use cannabis in your relaxation rituals.


Make a buzzy mocktail

When making an evening drink, forgo using alcohol all together. Making a mocktail, and adding your own CBD tincture drops, can help you achieve a new level of chill. To encourage your creative home mocktail making, invest in a few swanky glasses. It’ll make you feel like a real pro when mixing up tasty drinks at home!

To make your drink, add bitters to plain sparkling water, throw in a twist of fresh herbs like basil, mint or thyme, and a squeeze of citrus — and voilà — it’s a total game changer. To customize even further, add in your own CBD tincture drops to individual drinks. CBD tinctures use distilled alcohol versus oil as a carrier substance, which means they mix better and have a longer shelf life. Creating your own tincture will also allow you to control your dose of CBD or THC.

Find your creative outlet

Use the evening for personal exploration. Grab your paint brushes, notebook, or whatever your creative outlet is, and see where your evening takes you and your craft. As an added touch, lighting a cannabis inspired candle, can elevate the experience and envelope your senses in the warm scents like cannabis, suede, white musk, tulip and amber.

There have been a few scientific (and many unscientific) studies on how cannabis affects the creative brain. Cannabis effects everyone differently, but in low doses, it has been found to slightly improve divergent, or non-linear, thinking, associated with creativity. So, take out a drawing book, journal, or paints and let the creativity flow!

Indulge in classic pursuits

While food and wine, or your freshly made CBD mocktail is a great pairing for an evening of relaxation, it is not the only worth-while pursuit. Here are a couple examples of some traditional relaxation methods you can pair with cannabis to help you unwind:


  • Draw a hot bath: 
    Add in some of your favourite scents via oils, bath bombs, or salts. Soak for 30 minutes and let your mind wander away from the day that you had. Pro-tip, use lavender before bed to help promote relaxation and a better sleep!
  • Turn off the Netflix:
    Put down your phone, and pick up a book! Unplugging before bed has scientific backing of helping to produce a better sleep. Not to mention, when reading a book, you are able to take yourself out of real life for a small amount of time and into the pages of whatever it is you’re reading.
  • Dress cozy:
    Ditch the clothes you’ve worn at work all day and slip into something a little more comfortable. Whether that comfy place for you is a tee-shirt you’ve had for years, and those perfectly broken in pair or sweatpants, or fuzzy socks and a cute matching PJ set. You’re at home, make yourself comfortable.
  • Turn on relaxing music:
    Looking for something to tie in all your methods of relaxation together? Throw on some music to match your chill vibe! There are plenty of playlist on Spotify that are great for unwinding.

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