Thinking Outside the Bottle: 6 Unique Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

three people toasting with three glasses of white wine
From wine-centric experiences to wine-related products you may have never heard ofgive these gift ideas a try the next time you want to surprise the wine lover in your life.

Sure, a bottle tucked into a generic wine gift bag that you purchased at checkout makes a nice host gift. But let’s face it—a bottle of wine is the most predictable last-minute gift in the book. Why not take your loved ones’ enthusiasm for wine as an opportunity to give them a gift that won’t be instantly consumed and forgotten tomorrow. From wine-centric experiences to wine-related products you may have never heard ofgive these gift ideas a try the next time you want to surprise the wine lover in your life.   


Unexpected wine accessories

Let’s face it, your wine enthusiast already has a wine bottle opener and plenty of wine glasses. But do they have a wine decanter made with one of their favourite natural materials? An icicle cork to ensure their white wine stays chilled? A unique wine stopper designed by a local artist? Skip the bottle and opt for a sentimental item that they can use with every future bottle that will remind them of you.    

Think beyond the liquids

Who says your wine gift has to involve drinking wine? Chances are, if your wine enthusiast has a well-developed palate, they probably like to eat too. Wine-infused dry rubs, coffee, jellies and jams—the options are endless. Hone in on the perfect wine-infused food gift by considering whether your giftee prefers sweet (hello, wine-infused chocolates) or savory (try wine-pairing crackers); cooking (wine-infused salts) or snacking on packaged goods (wine gummies anyone?).  

Make the ultimate wine and unwind experience

On that note, since your wine enthusiast probably already has enough full bottles and wine accessories at home, why not offer them gifts that will elevate their next relaxing night in? Make them the ultimate self-care kit that will make their next solo glass in the bathtub or on the couch that much more relaxing. Try bath salts, essential oils, candles, and a good book, with a personalized note saying, “to pair with your next bottle of [their favourite wine].” For a sentimental touch, make them a relaxing playlist on their go-to music streaming platform, and provide the link in your note.  


Give wine in words

This one is perfect for the bookworm in your life. Nothing makes a pretty coffee table accessory or conversation starter during a wine and cheese party than a book about wine. Whether it’s a an educational book on natural wine or a practical guide to wine pairings, your wine enthusiast will surely enjoy deepening their knowledge on their favourite subject.  

…Every month

If your giftee isn’t one for reading books, opt for a subscription to a wine magazine instead. This way, they’ll receive your gift all year round and have a reminder of your thoughtful gesture awaiting them in their mailbox each month.  

Host a wine tasting party

Bring you and your giftee together by inviting them over to enjoy a glass (or several) in the company of others. You might think you need to be a wine expert to host a tasting but don’t worry—the wine enthusiasts in your life will likely be happy to take the reins.  
All you have to do is buy a wide variety of wines from different regions—stick to reds or whites, or vary your samples by also including sparkling wines or dessert wines (don’t hesitate to ask your local wine shop for advice if you need it!). Present your bottles and clean glasses on a table and make sure to have light appetizers on standby to savour before or after your tasting to prevent anyone from going overboard. For an added touch, offer pens and paper for your guests to take notes after each sip to ensure everyone has time to contemplate what they taste.  

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