How to Make Them a Restaurant Bucket List

a rustic table set with wine and cheeseboards
Make the foodie in your life a bucket list and take them on a tour of the must-try restaurants in their area.


We all have a foodie in our lives. They are the ones that will go on for hours about their dream meal at Mirazur in France, and are able to tell you exactly when and how Alain Ducasse got each one of his 21 Michelin stars. They are the go-to person to ask for restaurant recommendations, along with the seven best things to order on the menu (with a detailed description of how each dish is prepared). Their love for food goes much deeper than three meals a day, food is their world. 

When you know a foodie, you also know how hard it can be to find them the perfect gift. What do you get the person that has exquisite taste and is constantly curating top level experiences? 
Enter the foodie style bucket list. A list of international restaurants in your city, specifically curated and designed by you, for your loved one. Putting time and effort to show you care about someone else’s passion is priceless.


How to find the restaurants

Everyone has their favourite spots, but the local pub on the corner may not cut it for an adventurous foodie. Start with the basics—Google. A “simple best restaurants in (your city)” search will bring up popular restaurants, click the best of list from trip advisor, yelp, and a couple of blogs you see. When you’ve found a couple of restaurants that are consistently getting good reviews, check out their website/Instagram feed to get a feel for the restaurant’s aesthetic. You can also search by country/region to make up your list, eg. best Italian, best Chinese, best Indonesian. For a unique, insider’s view, you can also search, “Where chefs eat in (your city)”. 
For more local recommendations—word of mouth is your best bet. Take the digital route and search up popular foodie blogs in your city, see where they have eaten and how they’ve liked it. Use social media to your advantage and post on Facebook, Instagram Stories, even on your city’s Reddit thread, asking for hidden gems. If you’re making the list for a place they’re travelling, give Anthony Bourdain and read and get some tips on finding the best restaurants to get them inspired.


Do your research

Foodies go to new restaurants, shun large chain establishments and are eager to give their opinions and recommendations. Foodies know something about the chefs, cooking styles or methods of these restaurants. They also know about the quality and origin of the food they consume. - Reid Nichols

This may seem daunting when putting together your list, but all it takes it a little digging to really make your gift stand out. A huge part of being a foodie is knowing the entire story of a meal, from farm to plate. Take the time to dig into each restaurant you choose, look at their about page, and check reviews for the top rated dishes; you can even call or send a quick email to the restaurant to find out some unique facts. 
Even if you may not be as invested in where a place sources their maple syrup for their maple glazed brussel sprout starter—they will be. And the effort won’t go unnoticed.


Extra touches

Send them a Thoughtfull Gift of Time certificate with their restaurant bucket list—you can give it to them in one bundle or put each sheet in different envelopes, writing different dates on each one for an instant future date night. You could also make it a challenge, instructing them you not to open the next envelope until they’ve been to the one before it.

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