Four Flower-Powered Ways to Give the Gift of Appreciation

Beige napkin with cannabis leaf on it on top of two white plates. At table setting on beige table cloth with two gold forks beside the plates.
Give a flower-power gift that shows you care. From connecting over cannabis to writing notes on pre-rolls these gift ideas are sure to spark a special feeling. 

The legalization of cannabis in Canada has opened up an array of unique gift ideas. Here are four flower-powered ways to give the gift of appreciation whether your recipient’s a cannabis connoisseur or a budding novice..

Cannabis Accessories

The cannabis renaissance has created a flowering of beautiful accessories to ameliorate the experience. . If you are looking to help an active user further their cannabis journey, you can gift them useful accessories from stylish grinders to pretty  pre-roll necklace holders. Or, if you are looking to help them unwind during a busy time, look towards CBD infused wellness products like body butters and candles.

Higher Learning  

The buzz around legalization has created a whole new genre of literature. If there is someone you know looking to get into the world of cannabis and CBD, show them that you appreciate their desire to learn by gifting them a cannabis book so that they can be further enlightened. With pro-tips from cannabis-friendly celebrities to the basics of blazing, How to Smoke Pot, A Highbrow Guide to Getting High, by David Bienkenstock and Higher Etiquette by LIzzie Post, make perfect literary companions to explore with. 

Make a paper trail / Put it on Paper

If youre looking to give a creative cannabis present that will spread positivity and wont break the bank, we have an idea for you. Take some rolling papers (sustainable and dye free of course) and write positive messages on them for your loved one. Put these papers into a Mason jar and tie on a pretty bow or some colourful string. Gift them to your recipient and instruct them to read one at a time when theyre looking for a little pick me up. For that extra special someone, you can make pre-roll joints with these special papers so that they can feel truly appreciated and will savour each one.

Connect Over Cannabis

It’s hard to switch off in our always-on world. Give the gift of quality time to yourself and your loved one by creating an electronics free night. First, set the scene, Break out the board games or a snazzy card set, dim the lighting, and spark up a fire and some candles. Then pick the right flower for the hour and put out delicious nibbles, like artisanal salamis and cheeses with plump olives and grapes, for elevated munchies. Taking the time to plan an evening of disconnecting together can be one of the most precious gifts.

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