Create a Custom Cannabis Kit

Create a Custom Cannabis Kit
All it takes is a bit of creativity to help elevate their experience

Since cannabis became legal in Canada in 2018, once skeptical professionals, grandparents and even high-performance athletes are considering cannabis products to relieve stress, boost creativity and improve sleep.  
Looking to give the flower enthusiast in your life something special? Put together a personalized kit using a cannabis strain as a theme. Here’s how.


Select a strain

First, decide whether you’ll be building an indica kit or a sativa kit. Most cannabis strains derive from these two types of marijuana plants, which each come with their own unique set of effects. Even if you don’t include actual cannabis in your kit, picking a strain as your theme will help you decide what to add.


Create a vibe

The contents of your personalized kit should help set the mood.An indica kit should be all about creating relaxing vibes. Add a candle (bonus points if it’s made with hemp, like the musky, crowd-pleasing “Kush” from brand Boy Smells)incense or even a string of twinkly lights.A customized sativa kit should play off the energy that sativa strains provide. Vibe-enhancing ideas include an essential oil in an uplifting scent such as grapefruit or bergamot or a captivating puzzle.


Pack provisions...

And by that, we mean snacks. Researchers think that when a certain subset of neurons in the brain are exposed to THC, they release a chemical that stimulates appetite. But you don’t have to eat junk food to feel satisfied -- some of our favourite amuse bouches are the Village Juicery’s Chilli Lime Mango,


Set the soundtrack

Here’s your chance to truly personalize your kit. We’ve created a go-to “high times” soundtrack on Spotify that your recipient can press play on when they’re ready to bust out the bud..


Provide entertainment

For the indica lover, give a digital copy of a deep-sea documentary, a head massage tool or an easy, calming read, like “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down” by Haemin Sunim or “How to Love” by Thich Nhat Hanh. Sativa pairs well with something less cerebral like a box of watercolour paints or a Jenga set. .

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