3 Easy DIY Home Gifts That Keep Giving

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Homemade gifts are not only thoughtfull, but they’re affordable, and always appreciated. Here are three easy DIY projects to add the personalized, sentimental touch to your loved ones’ home.

If your love language looks like acts of service, you know that there’s nothing as thoughtful and personal as a gift you take the time to make yourself. Anyone can pick up a candle or a vase, but let’s face it—the best way to make someone feel appreciated is by taking the time to DIY. 

Homemade gifts are not only thoughtfull, but they’re affordable, and always appreciated. Better yet, when they come in the form of an object that can be regularly used in the home, they serve as a daily reminder of your relationship.

Read on for three easy DIY projects to add the personalized, sentimental touch to your loved ones’ home


Make your own mugs

Often one of the first objects picked up in the morning and the last seen before bedyour go-to mug should be one that you love. Whether you’re writing your name, your initials, or creating your favourite doodle, follow these easy steps to create a customized, memorable gift. 

  • Find plain, blank porcelain mugs. 
  • Buy some permanent markers, in a variety of colours—the finer the tip, the better! 
  • Make sure the mugs are clean and dry. 
  • Decorate!  
  • Place mugs in the (unheated) oven. 
  • Preheat the oven to 350°F (with the mugs already inside). 
  • Bake the mugs in the oven for 30 minutes. 
  • Turn off the oven, and let the mugs cool (in the oven) 
  • Make sure to gently hand-wash the mugs after each use–the dishwasher may ruin the design. 

Build frame shelves

DIY frames that are as eye-catching and sentimental as the work they display make the ideal housewarming gift, or a fun Saturday afternoon project with someone you love.


  • Find some funky vintage frames in assorted sizes. 
  • Take out the glass and backings, so that only the frames remain. 
  • Measure the inner edges of the frame (on each side). 
  • Get 4 pieces of wood (pine works best), that are 1 x 4 inches. Cut them to size—to match up with each side of the frame. 
  • Fit the pieces of wood together to make a rectangular box. Use a nail gun (on the corners) and wood glue (everywhere else), to fit everything together. 
  • Use wood glue, and nails (at the corners) to attach the box to the frame. 
  • Paint the frames. You can use neutrals that match your décor, like white or black, but don’t hesitate to add a few pops of colour too.  
  • Once the paint is dry, adhere adhesive frame-hanging strips on the back of the box, and hang up your frames in a cluster on your wall. 
  • Fill each frame box with décor– such as succulents, books, or sentimental objects–that show off your personality!

Upcycle ‘junk’ into funky planters

Have old junk lying around that you’re unable to donate? “Upcycle” it by transforming it into fun and funky planters! Old rainboots, tea cups, vases, watering cans—many overlooked items lying around the house can be repurposed as flower planters to spruce up the house.


  • Gather some of your old pieces of junk that you rarely use (they may need a good cleaning or dust off!).  
  • Fill them with manure and potting soil. 
  • Plant 1 or 2 of your favourite flowers inside. 
  • Place them strategically around your garden.

A final word

While any of these DIY projects would make a thoughtfull gift, sometimes the best gift is the gift of time. The next time you’re thinking of crafting a home gift for your loved one, invite them to build it with you, so your experience together becomes a part of what makes your gift so memorable.  

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