10 Inspiring Instagram Yogi’s Worth Following

Person practicing yoga on a mountain looking out to a sunrise

For practitioners looking to add some yoga motivation and wisdom to their Instagram feeds, be sure to check out these 10 inspiring accounts. 

Instagram is certainly not lacking in yoga content. Search #yoga, and you’ll find some 70 million photos of amateur yogis from around the world mid-vinyasa. 
It can be hard to find peace amidst all the yogi-gram chaos, but take a deep breath— we have a collection of standout accounts that are sure to inspire and amaze. For the practitioner looking to add yoga motivation and wisdom to your feed, these 10 inspiring yoga Instagram accounts are for you.


Hannah Haller (@gypsyon__) 

More than 600,000 people follow Hannah Haller for videos of her awe-inspiring acro-yoga practice and her frank reflections on self-worth, independence, partnershipand balance. Come for the incredible displays of strength, stay for the daily dose of tough love and sage advice. 

Brian Chan (@bchanwarrior)

When you’re struggling to find time for your practice, Brian Chan’s daily yoga posts are sure to inspire you to stop scrolling and start rolling out your mat. Beautiful images of strong poses, coupled with simple reminders and gentle pushes, are what this Toronto-based “yoga nerd” and “dude” is all about.


Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

Jessamyn Stanley’s Instagram feed and work as a writer challenges yoga’s reputation as a form of exercise reserved only for the white and skinny. As an African-American woman and self-described “fat femme” vinyasa yoga teacher, Stanley is dedicated to providing a body positive class experience that encourages students to focus on how they feel, rather than how they look.

Kathryn Budig (@kathrynbudig)

Yoga isn’t all nature sounds and “om” mantras. Kathryn Budig proves it can be a little rock-and-roll, too. Her account dishes up demonstrations, tips, and healthy recipes, alongside pink hair, tattoos, and bold fashion looks that are decidedly lacking in stretchy pants.


Amber Karnes (@amberkarnesofficial)

For anyone who feels like yoga isn’t quite the space for them, Amber Karnes is here to change minds. This green-haired, tattooed yoga teacher is on a mission to crack open the yoga world and welcome practitioners who don’t fit the traditional western yoga moldin her words—“fat bodies, old bodies, stiff bodies, or just bodies that get ignored by the yoga world.” Her Instagram account, featuring images of seniors doing seated postures and yogis of all ages and colours flowing together, is all about positivity and accessibility.

Derrick “DJ” Townsel (@dade2shelby)

Derrick Townsel, a former NFL player, transformed himself into a self-taught yogi from his living room. He’s now a certified yoga and acro-yoga instructor whose yoga playlist heavily features Bob Marley—it’s no wonder he’s known as the “Rasta Yogi.” His Instagram account, filled with gorgeous poses in gorgeous places, shows us that men can practice yoga in style too.

Adriene Mishler (@adrienelouise)

Home practitioners are likely well-acquainted with Adriene Mishler, the woman behind the incredibly popular YouTube yoga series Yoga With Adriene. Her Instagram account offers the same breath of fresh air as her videos. It’s gentle, lighthearted, welcoming, and optimistic, and includes guest appearances from Benji, her scruffy pup.

Acro Yoga (@acroyoga)

Nothing says ‘awe-inspiring’ like acro yoga: the balancing act of bodies stacked one atop the other, gravity-defying leansand multi-person towers show us what the body is capable of achieving with focus, balance, and a friend to lean on (literally). If you’re so inclined (pun intended) to become an acro yogi yourself, this account also features teacher training dates around the world. Acro yoga in Bali, anyone?

Melini Jesudason (@meliniseri)

If you ever crave inspiration to escape the rat race, Melini’s feed of balletic angles and precise handstands may just give you the push you need. This former investment banker quit the NYC hustle to pursue her true passion: yoga—usually in the form of complex postures in unconventional settings (think a Standing Split across scaffolding or a Warrior Two suspended between two palm trees).

Claire Fountain (@cbquality)

Mental health advocacy, body positivity, and yoga poses—what’s not to love? Claire Fountain’s vision grew into Trill Yoga, a tribe of non-traditional yogis exploring self-love and finding balance through, well, balance. Follow for tactical tips on how to combat achy muscles and near-daily reminders to slow down, take a stretch break, and always keep breathing.


Bonus: The Hashtag #TrillYoga

Claire’s community of non-traditional ‘yogi’ body types celebrates the human form and all it can do. If daily affirmations and time-lapse videos of yogis of all shapes and sizes inspires you, give it a follow.

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