6 Creative Workshops To Take Together

Person painting with blue paint on canvas
Whether you’re looking for a side hustle, a fun creative outlet, or just to master a new skill, there’s no shortage of creative workshops for adults. Here are some of our favourite ways to make time with loved ones and make together. 

We spend our childhoods exploring new interests and skills—figuring out what we like, what we don’t, and what makes us happy. These creative outlets are still readily available, but as an adult it’s easy to get stuck in a routine of work-drinks-Netflix-repeat without carving out time for creativity and for-no-reason hobbies. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle, a fun creative outlet, or just to master a new skill, there’s no shortage of right-brain workshops for adults (and trying something new is made all the more fun—and less intimidating—with a friend).

Here are some of our favourite ways to make time for each other and make together.


Make a Masterpiece

No matter what your experience, if you’re a seasoned pro or have never picked up a brush, a painting class is a great way to experiment with your artistic skills. Classes offer a broad range of artistic mediums and techniques, from still life to watercolour in formats ranging from from weeks-long commitments to drop-in classes. Need a little help getting those creative juices flowing? Find a studio near you that offers an adult paint and wine class.


Get Your Hands Dirty

Beautiful ceramics are everywhere these days: from earthenware cupping bouquets of wildflowers in your favourite local shops, plating interesting meals at the hottest restaurants, and containing craft coffees on social media feeds. A pottery class not only helps you tap into your inner zen (using the wheel is so soothing) but lets you create something unique to gift, or keep and display in your home. You can sign up for a few months of classes, or drop in to see if channeling Demi Moore in Ghost is your thing.


Use Your Green Thumb

Love flowers but have no idea how to assemble a beautiful bouquet on your own? A floral arrangement class will help you create perfectly crafted bunches for your home, a friend’s wedding, or just to gift to someone who deserves it. Learn everything you need to know, from purchasing flowers, to seasonal blooms, to designing the perfect vase arrangement. Floral design classes will help you hone your eye, and many schools offer seasonal classes to let you play with different varietals.


Take an Improv Class

Any kind of theatre or performance class can be super intimidating on your own, but go with a good friend who doesn’t mind getting silly, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly stage fright can turn into a thrill. Improv is a great way to dip a toe into the performing arts, letting you shake off any workplace persona and social expectations, and just play. It’s also an antidote for overcoming performance anxiety, whether you’re thinking about making a move into acting more frequently or just looking to improve your public speaking skills. If you’re not ready to commit, Second City offers drop-in classes every Monday with no experience or registration necessary (you know, just in case you get cold feet. Another reason to get a friend to keep you accountable!).


Build a Terrarium

If you’re bored of your regular houseplants (or just want to get your hands dirty), try dabbling in terrarium building. A glass display containing a mix of plants, soils, stones, mosses and even plastic toys, these trendy orbs make great gifts if you’re willing to part with them post-course. Take a terrarium class to get easy access to everything you’ll need and learn the proper way to assemble them, from what kinds of plants work best together to how to properly care for your new little plant home once you’ve brought it home.


Embrace Your Sweet Tooth

Channel your inner Christina Tosi with a gourmet baking class. Even if you have the baking basics down, there’s always room in the culinary world to hone your skills: bake macarons, decorate a cake, master flaky pie crust, or create your own spin on the gourmet doughnut trend.
The best part is taking your creations home (and snacking on them!) at the end. 

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