Must-Follow Social Justice Instagram Accounts To Help You Stay ‘Woke’

Must-Follow Social Justice Instagram Accounts To Help You Stay ‘Woke’

Through incisive memes, eye-opening captions and stories-turned-calls-to-action, these socially conscious Instagram accounts are what you need to be following to inspire your own activism and awareness.


Indigenous Rising (@indigenousrising)

Climate justice is the focus of Indigenous Rising, a group that raises awareness about worldwide environmental transgressions committed by governments and corporations and galvanizes followers to take action. Indigenous peoples from all over the world are united in their belief that the earth is sacred and that their duty is to help protect it. Many of the world’s environmental issues damage and undermine Indigenous land and ways of life. Follow Indigenous Rising to go beyond the news headlines and learn how global Indigenous communities are being affected by issues like fossil fuels, pipelines and deforestation, and what you can do to help.


Jaz O'Hara (@theworldwidetribe)

When a then-25-year-old Jaz visited the “Calais Jungle,” an infamous refugee camp on the eastern edge of the French port city of Calais, she was taken aback. Migrants who had fled life-threatening conditions in places like Eritrea and Afghanistan were living in destitution. She was moved to action and launched a hugely successful donation campaign. That’s the origin of Worldwide Tribe, the Instagram account where Jaz shares gripping stories of migration that inspire followers to take their own actions to support refugees. It’s an incredibly poignant feed rooted in the message that there’s oneness in our humanity, despite the physical borders that may separate us.    


The Pink Protest (@pinkprotest)

“The revolution will be posted on Instagram,” reads the bio of this fierce-and-funny feminist Instagram account. The intersectional online community is the home of the #freeperiod movement, biting observations about the patriarchy, real talk on real issues and hilarious ‘inside jokes’ that get at the crux of living life as a woman. It shines a light on real work being done and helps make feminist activism accessible. Follow The Pink Protest to inspire your own feminist education and get a healthy dose of comedic relief while you’re at it.


Amnesty International (@amnesty)

The Instagram home of Amnesty International is a one-stop shop for staying aware and engaged on international matters of social justice. They serve up primers on issues you may not have heard much about in the mainstream media, share inspiring stories of activism and provide actionable, real-life ways for followers to get involved. The content is thought-provoking and moving, never preachy or maudlin.


Black Lives Matter (@blklivesmatter)

As the official Instagram account for the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement, @blklivesmatter is both “a call to action and response to anti-black racism.” You’ll get updates and perspectives on issues and current events about and related to racial inequality, police brutality, racial profiling and other social forms of social oppression experienced by black communities. You’ll find messages of hope and progress here, too, with uplifting updates about recent achievements and posts that honour that inspirational black politicians, community leaders and artists, as well as their allies.


LGBT History (@lgbt_history)

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” said Spanish philosopher and writer George Santayana, making this look-back Instagram account required material for LGBTQ community members and allies who continue to fight for equal rights and treatment. Matthew Riemer and Leighton Brown, the duo behind the account, curate powerful archival images and add research-backed commentary to present an inspiring look at at queer history “so that individuals and organizations can understand the present and shape the future.”

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