How to Turn Your Nighttime Beauty Routine Into a Relaxing Ritual

How to Turn Your Nighttime Beauty Routine Into a Relaxing Ritual
Your nighttime beauty routine is a great opportunity to add some much-needed chill. Here are some tips to make this routine task more of an indulgent self-care ritual.

When life gets so busy that even squeezing in an app-guided meditation feels like a monumental challenge, it’s important to find relaxation and peace in everyday moments—such as walking the door during your first sip of coffee in the morning. Another opportunity to add some much-needed chill: your nighttime beauty routine. Read on for tips to make the next time you wash your face feel more like an indulgent self-care ritual than a routine task.


Invest in the right products

A relaxing ritual should be something you should look forward to. With that in mind, apply Marie Kondo’s philosophy to your nighttime product lineup and use only those products that bring you joy and make you feel pampered. Maybe that means using a slightly pricier cleanser in a pretty bottle that you love to see sitting on your shelf or skipping that odd-smelling serum that takes forever to dry, so you can get to bed sooner.


Turn your bathroom into a zen sanctuary

No ritual feels relaxing if the environment is anything but. A few small swaps can take your bathroom from practical to peaceful. Switch out a worn terry cloth hand towel for a soft, striped Turkish one. Place a few small plants on a countertop or above a shelf. If you have the room, add a dreamy-smelling candle. Replace grubby soap dispensers and toothbrush holders with a matching set.


Give yourself a massage

Be your own facialist and add a self-administered facial massage to your nightly beauty routine. It’s worth the extra five minutes: not only do facial massages help relieve puffiness and tension, they’re deeply soothing. Wait to rub your face until just after you’ve applied your last product (clean hands only!). To develop your skills, watch one of the many easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube. You might consider upgrading your technique with a jade roller or gua sha tool.


Incorporate aromatherapy

Nothing ruins a relaxation ritual like a bad smell. You can turn your bathroom into a spa with gentle, soothing fragrances such as lavender and jasmine, applied either liberally onto the skin or released into the air with a diffuser. To take this self-care moment to the next level, we recommend spending a few minutes between cleansing and applying products to give yourself a simple aromatherapy facial steam treatment. Add a couple drops of your chosen oil to a bowl of near-boiling hot water. With a freshly washed face and a towel draped over your head, hover your face over the bowl and breathe deeply.


Bring beauty to bed

Your ritual doesn’t have to end at the bathroom sink. Carry it over to your bed. Switch out your standard cotton pillowcase for a silk number, which can help keep hair and skin smooth overnight. Keep a few products on your nightstand for easy access before turning the light out, like a facial mist that features essential oils to calm the skin and mind, and a deeply nourishing lip balm to prevent overnight cracks.

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