10 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom

person lying in a comfy white bed with a book
Finding that your room is no longer giving you the positive juju you need? Here are 10 small changes you can make to give your room a facelift and you, some renewed energy.

As your temple of comfort, the bedroom is probably the one room in your home that you’re the most familiar with. For it's there, within those four walls, that you sleep, snack, and binge Netflix, and bond and laugh with loved onesThis is the space from which you draw your energy. A messy room might lead to increased anxiety, while sunlight streaming in through a clean window may give you all the confidence you need to tackle your day.

Finding that your room is no longer giving you the positive juju you need? Here are 10 small changes you can make to give your room a facelift and you, some renewed energy.

Clean out your closet

Often the simple act of cleaning can make all the differenceThe bedroom trouble spots tend to be in the closet and underneath the bed. To make the best use of your time, plan an afternoon where you can just throw on your favorite playlist, sing along, and go full Marie Kondo on your space. What better way to feel refreshed than getting rid oall your tired and unused items?

Add a DIY headboard

A proper bed headboard is one of the few things that make you feel like a real adult, so why not spruce yours up? While you could splurge and get a new bed all together, you don’t necessarily need to. If your bed is still in great condition, take the DIY route to give your place of rest an upgrade. Simply Google search ‘DIY headboards’ and get crafting!

Switch out the bedding

If you have been sleeping under the same bedspread since college, it may be time for aupgrade. Going with new colors or patterns can breathe some new life into your space. But it can also help you find the direction you want to take with your redecorating; use your bedding as a springboard for how you want the space to look!


Rearrange the space

Ever find yourself thinking, “I’m going to dye my hair or get bangs”, out of a desperate craving for a major change? Well, rearranging your room is kind of like that, but without the commitment and eventual regret. Something as simple as moving a few pieces of furniture around can give you a fresh perspective on your space and give you that feeling of “new” without spending a dime.

Apply contact paper to the windowsill

Chances are you’ve never given much thought to your windowsill. But sleek marble, or subtle pastel can add a touch of luxe to the space. Contact paper is a great way to achieve this: it’s cost effective and is a great option for apartments, as you can remove it with no damage. Dress up your windowsill with a few small, sun-loving potted plants, and you’ll be eager to keep the drapes open, and encourage the sun to shine though.

Put up string lights

Adding some string lights to your headboard or around your room is an easy way to add mood lighting at a thrifty price. What better way to turn your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary of rest and relaxation than bringing the stars to you?

Add some plants

The plant aesthetic has been a design trend for a while now, but for good reason: watching a plant you've cared for grow and flourish can be rewarding, and it brightens and purifies your space too. Regardless of how much of a green thumb you have—from succulents to fiddle leaves—there is a plant out there for you!

Install the latest tech

Adding some of the hottest new tech to your space can help elevate your room and add some ease to how you spend your time in there. Have a TV in your room? Consider getting a Google Home and a Chromecast so you never have to leave your bed. Read a lot at night? Install some Smart Lights and set the lighting to the perfecting reading level with your voice or smartphone.


Reframe existing artwork

Love your artwork, but find that you hardly notice it anymore? Redress it with a new frame. Finding a new way to display your beloved art pieces can breathe new life into both the art and the room. If you are switching things over for a more minimalist effect, do away with the frames all together, or opt for simpler ones.



You can go all out and paint the entire room, or if the existing paint job is holding up, then maybe an accent or two will do the trick. Painting one wall or the closet doors will add a pop of color to the space without having to redo everything. However, if the original paint is looking drab and in need of some TLC, your best bet is to do it all.

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