The Best Yoga Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Person practicing yoga on a dock by the water in front of a sunset
Read on for yoga gift ideas that are sure to have the yoga lover in your life feeling as good as they do post-shavasana.

Yoga is all about turning inward, and so it can be challenging to think of the perfect gift for the yoga lover in your life. The key to making them feel seen and appreciated? Gifts that celebrate their commitment to their practice. Read on for yoga gift ideas that are sure to have the yoga lover in your life feeling as good as they do post-shavasana.


Whisk them away on a retreat

Twice-daily classes in a stunning setting, rounded out by nourishing food, local exploration, and bonding with other yogis? Yoga retreats are a dream for yoga lovers. When you want to splash out on your recipient, the gift of a yoga vacation is hard to beat. Retreats are available in nearly every far-flung corner of the world: choose a destination that matches their travel style and your budget. Keep in mind their level of practice as you narrow down the options (some retreats focus on yoga for beginners while others are designed for the highly experienced) 
If you’d rather let them choose, opt for a gift certificate instead. Yogascapes is a yoga travel company that provides a wide range of worldwide retreats and offers gift certificates that can be used towards any of their trips.


Book them a private class

Private classes provide the luxury of one-on-one instruction that even longtime yoga lovers can benefit from. In a solo class, teachers provide a personalized practice experience based on what their student wants and needs on that particular day. They offer helpful corrections for misalignments that might go unnoticed in a group class and can help a student reach their personal yoga goalsIt’s an indulgent experience that will revitalize at-home practitioners and group class participants alike 
If your gift recipient is loyal to a certain studio, pre-pay for one or a series of private classes with one of their favourite teachers. For a more pampered experience, reach out to their go-to teacher to see if they offer home-visits.


Upgrade their gear

One of the best parts of yoga is that all you need to practice is a mat. However, treating your yoga lover to upgraded versions of the tools and threads they do need is a surefire way to make them feel special. Replace their well-worn mat with a grippy, cushioned mat that can give them the support they need. Include yoga bag and cleaning spray (see our DIY cleaning spray article to make your own) for an added touch. Gift them a thick, threaded blanket in their preferred colour palette (it’s perfect for cushioning knees and supporting necks). Instead of new yoga pants, how about high-quality yoga blocks or bolsters to (literally) elevate their practice? Or consider putting together a post-class self-care kit, comprised of a foam roller, soothing bath salts, and a luxe candle.


Treat them to a yogic massage

All their physical work deserves some relaxation and rejuvenation. A yoga-specific massage is just the ticket. Generally speaking, massage therapy for yogis falls into two categories: relaxation massage tailored to the physical needs of the yoga practitioner, such as deep tissue and Esalen massage, or dynamic massage that incorporates movement, such as Thai yoga massage. While some spas may provide these types of therapies, your best bet would be to find a local yoga studio that offers wellness treatments.


Send them inspiration

In the digital age, snail mail has arguably become a new currency of thoughtfulness. Give your yoga lover a gift that arrives each month with a subscription to a yoga magazine or yoga box. Yoga Magazine, a U.K.-based publication, and Yoga Journal, the world’s leading yoga title, are just two of many publications that yoga lovers adore. If a goodie-filled subscription box is what you’re after, consider Yogi Surprise—their boxes are filled with practice-enhancing yoga gifts such as yoga blocks, essential oilsand crystals, or YogaClub, which delivers top athleisure wear tailored to the recipient’s style and size.

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